LXDE is another lightweight desktop environment. Actually, Pantheon is another interesting desktop on the market. Ive covered this distro in numerous distros lists before, and it is one of the best non-Ubuntu distributions for beginners. Want to find the notable mentions, the best features, and what you might be fond of? It has a lens in order to send search queries to scope. This distro has built a desktop environment around JWM, a slim window manager that's not used in many other setups. Sprung out as a Linux distro in 2014, LXQt is a derivative of the lightweight desktop environment LXDE which is designed to run on Linux OSes. Besides the mainstream ones like Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, LXDE that come pre-installed with one of the mainstream distros, here are some of the interesting ones that you might not have heard about. Configuring the desktop requires patience and willingness to try the different options and learn what each does. If you need a desktop for old hardware, itll be wise to pick something thats lightweight and easy on the systems resources. For example, by default Budgie doesnt show icons on the desktop and has only one workspace, but both of these behaviors can be overridden easily from the Budgie Desktop Settings app. As far as design and user-friendliness go, Mate is nearly identical to GNOME 2and thats not a bad thing. If youre looking for an easy-to-customize desktop, choose from Budgie, KDE, and GNOME. Supports components of saving integrated energy and also supports numerous shortcuts of the keyboard. Ubuntu. While the shell is great for power users and system administrators, it might not be the best choice when it comes to day-to-day use. It also looks like the macOS, which many people find attractive. NY 10036. It has been designed to work well on any type of device, from laptops to desktop systems to netbooks to mobile devices. If a lightweight desktop is your requirement, go with KDE. It also gives information on various settings of the system i.e. The desktop also offers plenty of modules and configuration options to keep you busy without overwhelming new users. This article will provide a thorough analysis of the top 10 best Linux desktop environments, containing both open source and commercially available. Simplicity, accessibility & reliability are just some of the features that make this an attractive choice. Id like to take a moment to thank the Linux Mint community for all their efforts in developing GNOME shell. really? A dedicated IP address is like having your own unique identifier on the Internet. Fortunately, its also highly configurable, so if you dont like its default appearance, you can customize it to your hearts content. However, like Linux Mint, developers of MATE have additionally forked numerous main applications of GNOME in order to coordinate with MATE appropriately. It allows you to access your website without a DNS setup, increases speed when traffic is high, and increases security. As it keeps low usage of resources, it utilizes minimal memory as compared to other desktop environments. Are you looking for the best Linux desktop environments for your desktop? In recognition of the modern workplace, this software offers flexibility to multi-task. You can choose any desktop environment that is suitable according to your needs. LXQT is the new version of LXDE used for cloud servers and old hardware due to minimum consumption of RAM and CPU. And with that, we have reached the conclusion. Want to read more Linux guides? Give it a try. Fast, lightweight, and efficient on resources. Before you start using it, it's best to forget everything you think you know about how a desktop should work. TechRadar is supported by its audience. The appealing feature of Cinnamon is the traditional touch which helps long-time Windows users at ease. The Deepin desktop tries to replicate the usability and aesthetics of Mac OS X, and has a clean and clutter-free interface with nothing except the dock at the bottom of the screen. Subscribe to our newsletter, Disney Plus and company just dealt another big blow to Netflix, HBO just canceled this comedy, despite its 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, Vizios cheaper Elevate Dolby Atmos soundbar puts the Sonos Arc on notice, PS5 lawsuit claims Sony knowingly hid a major defect in the console, Surprise Android phone update brings Android 13 feature early, Free Samsung Galaxy update turns your handset into an even better camera phone, The latest Tor browser update bypasses internet censorship, Apple Pay is attracting yet more negative attention, 'Like Jaws meets Close Encounters': critics hail Jordan Peele's Nope, Don't buy PS Plus this Prime Day I mean it, The best tech tutorials and in-depth reviews, Try a single issue or save on a subscription, Issues delivered straight to your door or device. Major configurations are created from a pop-up panel from the outside. GNOME is a very popular Linux desktop environment. Once its installed, you can use the tool to change the appearance of the desktop, set fonts, control the animations and more. The desktop nicely integrates the various elements, such as the Plank dock, the top panel (called Wingpanel) and the Slingshot application launcher. Without a desktop, you can interact with your Linux system only with commands. We know that desktop environments like Gnome and Unity are working towards making their desktop environments more touch-friendly, but what about the future of Linux desktop environments? The desktop isnt officially supported by many distros, but several have community-supported spins and you can fetch the desktop via third-party repositories for your installation. When Nicholas Negroponte founded One Laptop Per Child, the project kicked off with extremely limited hardware, so the developers set about creating a desktop environment that was both very light on resources and very child-friendly. Linux distros that have adopted Cinnamon are Linux Mint, Ubuntus Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, Fedora, EndeavourOS, and Manjaro Linux. We considered the look of the desktop whether it looked similar to macOS or Windows, and if it had a modern minimalist appearance or was looking old.

The open-source MATE environment makes your computer work well and it looks great, too. Promising results have led to default usage by popular Linux distros. Pantheon has a philosophy of minimizing the need for command-line input. Importantly, we assessed how many distros supported each desktop and whether there were active forums for users to discuss and get help. Give Gnome a chance though, some people really do prefer it for its ease of use. There are plenty of aspects youll want to consider before choosing the best Linux desktop for yourself. Cinnamon has grown into a complete desktop over time.

The project also offers users a choice in how they want to experience their desktop environment, as there are multiple styles to choose from when setting up their desktop. LXDE saves energy, and also supports keyboard shortcuts and multi-language. It doesnt matter whether youre a newbie or a superuser, you can find a suitable desktop environment for you from the list given above. It has a modern and elegant user interface, It has the ability to support various languages. With the help of GNOME stack components, the Budgie desktop is written. That said, if thats what youre looking for then you might be out of luck. To wrap up, we have discussed the list of the top 10 best Linux Desktop environments. Mate is a fork of GNOME 2, so it shares many of its design concepts. Besides the desktop itself, notable homebrewed Deepin components include the application launcher, dock and control center. There are subtle animations tucked in almost every element of the desktop, from the menus to the various desktop widgets. Other than Cinnamon, Budgie is one more of my favorite desktop environments of Linux. This makes Cinnamon a mixture of innovative ideas with a traditional touch in setups making it smooth for users yet carrying modern facilities. If you want a desktop thats very user-friendly and reliable, Cinnamon is one of your best bets. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Deepin desktop offers configurable hot corners that allow you to access the control panel and the applications menu. KDE is also popular as the Plasma desktop. Sometimes too many customization options can get overwhelming for new users. The downside is that there isnt much in terms of support available; Ubuntu was one exception, but nowadays only Debian testing and unstable officially support it. Cinnamon is a desktop environment for ease of use and familiarity to people transitioning from Windows. Pantheon is a desktop environment built around a lightweight and modern technology. Mayank Sharma The desktop has a first boot wizard that enables you to select various aspects of the desktop that define its behavior and appearance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, Cinnamon is a generically-purpose desktop based on GNOME 3. This provides an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI that you can customize to your liking. Sign up to theTechRadar Pro newsletter to get all the top news, opinion, features and guidance your business needs to succeed! Budgie is a GNOME-based Linux desktop. Full of animations and effects, it will surely get the users attention. The forks of GNOME packages have been renamed to avoid any potential confusion with the naming conventions of GNOME 3. The desktop will feel at home on a modern machine, but is still light enough to push an out-of-commission computer back into active duty. There was a problem. This user-friendly desktop environment is packed with customization options and stylish desktop widgets. If youre transitioning from Windows, you may get a familiar experience with Cinnamon. The most commonly used variant of Linux and Linux Mint is Cinnamon. He is an expert in Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. All actions are subtly animated. Brian has over 30 years publishing experience as a writer and editor across a range of computing, technology, and marketing titles. Its developed and used by Solus Linux distribution. The end result is pleasant, though not spectacular, and works admirably on older hardware. We feature the best Linux desktops, to make it simple and easy to find your perfect Linux desktop environment. The GNOME desktop has become so popular that many people think its part of Linux itself. A Linux desktop is a set of components that create graphical user interface (GUI) elements, like icons, toolbars, and wallpapers. Deepin DEs tweakable parameters can be accessed using a hidden panel. Unlike Windows or macOS, you can customize every corner of the desktop environment to tailor it to your needs. KDE Plasma is a desktop environment, like GNOME and Unity. One of our favorites is Deepin DE (desktop environment). Many of the default apps that ship with Pantheon, such as the Calendar app, the Code text editor are written from scratch, to blend in with the rest of the desktop. For all you KDE users, with the latest 5.19 update of Plasma, your default terminal will be able to preview any image without storing it in the system permanent storage. The desktop uses its own Mutter-based window manager called Gala and takes cues from the Mac OS X desktop for a pleasant user experience. Linux distributions need a desktop environment to provide the usual GUI and native applications. Right, have you done that? If youre migrating from Windows or macOS, it may help to choose a Linux desktop that feels familiar to them. KDE Plasma is modern, making use of a global menu bar and an innovative task manager thats based on virtual workspaces. Linux Mint forked out the GNOME 3 shell. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The program takes up too many system resources and is not compatible with older computers. 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments of 2022, Installation of Desktop Environment on Ubuntu, Ubuntu 22.04 Release Schedule & Features, Switching Display Manager in Ubuntu GDM, LightDM & SDDM, How to Change Display Manager in Ubuntu Desktop, How To Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu, How to Install and Switch Desktop Environments in Ubuntu, How To Install XRDP (Remote Desktop) on Fedora, How To Install XRDP (Remote Desktop) on Ubuntu 20.04, How To Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 22.04, How to Generate Random String In JavaScript, A Comprehensive Guide To macOS Versions And Codenames, How to Install Grunt on Ubuntu 22.04 & 20.04, S3 & Cloudfront: 404 Error on Page Reload (Resolved), Has the ability to modify their functionalities using shell extension of GNOME. Solus is not just one desktop environment, but the face of an entire family of standards created by the Solus project. The result looks a little peculiar, but it is surprisingly usable once you get used to the new layout.

We've listed the best Linux distros for beginners, the best Linux distro for developers, and the best Linux distro for gaming. With Xfce, you can run your computer with a fast, modern desktop while still being able to use all of your favorite older applications. The desktop now also supports touch-screen gestures. The mobile and tablet interfaces we provide offer a graphical user interface, which is incredibly user-friendly and interactive. It takes cues from Mac OS X to offer a mind-blowing user experience.

If youre new to Linux and want an easy transition from Windows or Mac OS X, you might consider LXQt. Deepin GUI Toolkit is used to develop applications. The thought of a desktop environment as a separate entity from the operating system sounds foreign to most mainstream users coming from Windows or Mac OS. He is a, Top 10 Best Desktop Environments for Linux in 2022. Budgie offers a unified notification feature and its customization center is called Raven. The bottom of the desktop screen features a dock that looks very similar to macOS. Given that most of their target users had never seen a computer let alone used one before, it had to be easy to use as well. New York, Then theres the aesthetic of the desktop while some are colorful and beautiful, others are more minimalist and plain, focused on functionality. Try a Fedora spin here (opens in new tab). While the interface was suffering from drastic changes, Cinnamon began as a fork of GNOME. What makes Budgie different from other desktop environments is Raven a single place for notifications, widgets and more. We will also discuss the similarities and differences between the two desktop environments to help you decide which of them is more appropriate for you. The Pantheon Linux desktop environment has been developed by Elementary OS. All of these environments are the best and ranked higher according to users. Linux Journal, representing 25+ years of publication, is the original magazine of the global Open Source community. Yet, unlike many lightweight environments, the Enlightenment desktop is full of eye-candy that youd expect from a full-blown environment, at a fraction of the resources.

LXQt offers a decent number of tweakable options that help customize the most commonly used aspects of the desktop. Budgie is a desktop environment built by developers at Solus and influenced by GNOME 2. It is all about providing a great UX! However, LXDE is best suited for cloud computers that have old specifications like MIDs, netbooks, or old hardware. For example, you get an option to select the text size in the windows, which is a really useful feature and even more so if youre running Enlightenment on a high DPI display. Cinnamon provides a solid, stable desktop, and works on all major distributions. Next, we are talking about budgie which is another desktop environment created through the project Solus. The Deepin DE Linux desktop is developed by the Deepin Linux distribution. The UI may seem a bit daunting at first, but there are also other lighter alternatives. last updated 10 May 22, Find your perfect Linux desktop environment with the best linux desktops. KDE is a very lightweight desktop and highly customizable. You can shuffle the tiles around, change their size, and focus. It adheres to the old but familiar desktop metaphor, with a status bar laden with icons at the bottom of the screen. This desktop environment is designed for higher end computers and might not work well with older models. This desktop environment relies on these libraries. The developers optimized the low-level things (i.e., kernel, drivers, libraries) rather than focusing on user interface design which usually comes with costs in the form of large disk and memory footprint. It can look a bit dated when compared to its more resource-intensive cousins, but many people find that endearing rather than annoying. There are hundreds of desktop environments that have different features and function differently. Since there is no particular best Linux desktop environment as it depends upon distinctive components like simple utilization, memory consumption, compatibility, and usefulness. The Deepin Linux desktop environment has become one of the most popular due to its aesthetic appeal. Weve analyzed these Linux desktops on various points, like how resource-intensive they are, their hardware requirements, customizability, and the out-of-box experience. Elements on the desktop, eg. Every user has their own requirements, so choose the best fit for your own. You can use Pantheons Tweaks tool for customizing the desktop. Unity is known as Graphical User Interface and is used for the GNOME environment. its so laggy and slow. Moreover, it is equipped with a carefully designed and easy-to-use interface making it most productive. This blog post was meant to be a little bit of fun and a little bit of a look at the direction Linux desktop environments could be heading in the future. It has several notable software such as default and most advanced file manager Dolphin, Okular document viewer. Besides GNOME and KDE, Cinnamon is undoubtedly one of the best Linux desktop environments to try out in 2022. It contains polished animations and eye candy UI. Its often used to show information and provide access to different functions on a computer. We tested how swiftly they can be set up, how intensely they consume system resources, and how customizable they are. What makes KDE one of the most demanding desktops is its flexibility, polished user interface, built-in tools, and extremely lightweight. Several distros, including Ubuntu and Manjaro have spins based on Budgie and Fedora users can fetch it from the COPR repo. Easily adaptable in old machines/hardware. A desktop environment is a graphical user interface that runs on top of an operating system. You can avoid copyright infringement by forking the project to your personal GitHub account, changing the code to suit your purposes, and releasing it under a new name. The touch-screen gestures are also supported by the desktop. This app is not a good option for old computers with low processing power. The Lxde desktop environment is a little bit newer than KDE, but it is completely FOSS. A number of the other desktop environments, such as LXDE, use Openbox (opens in new tab) as a window manager. Budgie is easy to customize and extend and offers enough options to help you mold it as you want. Mobile Phone Reviews, Specs, Prices, Technology Innovations and Technology News. It's a little too simplistic for most uses, but it's excellent for kids with its big blocky icons and a high-contrast color scheme that make it great for their first digital steps. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab).

Also, Fedora users can fetch Budgie from the COPR repository. This is where youll find the graphical user interface to work with programs it can be used for any size or type of device. You can find LXQt in the repositories of virtually all distros. The UI leaves a lot to be desired and isnt that modern-looking or intuitive. Here are 10 of the best desktop environments available, designed to make your day-to-day life on Linux and programming assignments easier and more enjoyable. Sugar (opens in new tab) is the result of this. Its minimalism has endeared it to sysadmins and hardcore users who appreciate the lack of desktop bloat. Gnome is ABSOLUTE garbage because it is EXTREMELY NOT customizable. Linux desktop environment contains a bundle of applications created in a manner to work with one another and give a consistent User Experience(UX). This Linux desktop environment project recently upgraded its technology stack to the latest version of Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. Its another example of a minimalist but stylish desktop. Its based on HTML5 and WebKit and uses a mix of QML and Go for its various components. The attraction for users is the familiarity and friendly user interface. The GNOME Project specializes in providing software that is based on the GTK+ toolkit and focused on productivity, according to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. Under the KDE applications list, KDE maintains a set of applications, this can be accessed over apps.kde.org. Linux distributions that use KDE as their default desktop environment are Kubuntu, OpenSUSE, and KDE Neon. Thats why I put it at number one on my list of best desktop environments. So, those of you who are looking for something different than the traditional Windows layout, try GNOME.

The desktop integrates its various elements, such as Wingpanel (top panel), the Plank dock, the Slingshot application launcher, very well. How To Install Nextcloud On An Ubuntu Server, Open Source Community to Gather in LA for SCALE 19x, How You Can Change the Cursor Theme on Your Ubuntu Desktop, Everything You Need to Know about Linux Input-Output Redirection. Developers of MATE created applications from scratch for the environment of MATE. In fact, it just might be one of your best options for running Gnome apps under Linux on older systems.

There are numerous Linux desktop environments that give a consistent user experience and can be easily accessible in the market. In this article, we list the top 10 best Linux desktop environments for the ease of users. Pantheon is quite popular for its elegant and user-friendly features. The desktop has a Mutter-based window manager thats called Gala. A user interface with the appearance of a simple, sleek design. It also has a desktop manager in order to put background images, icons, etc. It is an open-source, most simple desktop environment. The desktop can be fetched through the third-party repositories while installing. Its core applications are written in Vala and C. They either find their inspiration in the software of the GNOME desktop environment or they are designed from the ground up. Puppy Linux (opens in new tab) is designed in the traditional fashion and does a good job of just staying out of the way. Its developers' team put a lot of effort into modifying Budgies desktop elements, such as Budgie Menu that sorts names of categories alphabetically, Icon Tasklist applet which has some new features included. The highlight of the desktop is its unified notification and customization center called Raven, which also gives you quick access to the calendar, media player controls, system settings and power options. Functioning over the Activities Overview rather than a dock or window list, these overviews display different apps, open the software, and numerous desktops. This can cause problems for those environments based on GTK 2 as development has shifted to the newer, bulkier GTK 3. Type above and press Enter to search. It's a stripped bare environment that perhaps has something in common with Gnome 3, though not quite to that extreme. MATE also has its own version of the Core Applications, including many developed-from-scratch applications. The LXQt (opens in new tab) desktop environment is a combination of the GTK-based lightweight desktop LXDE and Razor-Qt, which was an equally lightweight, but far less mature, desktop that used the Qt toolkit. The Pantheon (opens in new tab) desktop from Elementary OS is another minimalist but stylish desktop that has created a name for itself as an elegant and user-friendly desktop environment. You can see animations and effects all around the desktop. If there's one desktop environment that stands out from all the others we have here it's this one. Deepin uses Go and QML for designing its components. Please refresh the page and try again. The desktop in Xmonad (opens in new tab) is split into tiles, each of which contains an application. It also has a desktop management feature called multi-desktop switching which allows you to have multiple virtual desktops where each desktop contains different applications. Easily access the calendar and all the options you need, such as volume, audio playback, or power. The goal of LXQT is to create a high-performance desktop environment. However, youll have to put some time to set it up as per your liking. Very beautiful user interface like macOS-like. The desktop uses modules, which are essentially desktop-independent tools for desktop specific operations, and its panel also supports plug-ins. The set comprises applications of all categories, from development tools and games to graphics and firewalls/security. In addition to being one of the worlds most popular desktops, Cinnamon is undoubtedly among the best Linux desktops alongside GNOME and KDE. It has a neat and clean interface having only the dock at the bottom. Xfce, a minimalist desktop environment, reduces memory consumption and offers better performance compared to other desktop Linux environments. Thats what we wanted to explore with this article and we hope you enjoyed it! Weve tried many Linux desktops to narrow down on the best ones. MX Linux 21 AHS Is Now Available: What is AHS? Brian Turner Press Esc to cancel. Still, some believe Cinnamon is just a graphical shell.

Enlightenment also uses very little RAM compared to other environments and was even used as a lightweight alternative to GNOME during its development stages. But with a bit practice it works very well and smooth. We also considered the design and visual appeal whether it was beautiful with interesting animations or sleek and minimalistic. This article takes a look at some great desktop environments you can install on any Linux distro. The extension of GNOME 2 is MATE, which is quite an instinctive and likable desktop interface.

Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, There are many factors that have contributed to GNOMEs ongoing popularity, not just its functionality but also its compatibility with other major platforms. These, in turn, form what we call KDE Applications. Oly few animations it felt very plain to use. Cinnamon gives the first priority to its users experience. A modest, yet elegant desktop environment for Linux is Deepin. They have forked it and have developed it so much better than GNOME ever did! Solus utilizes package manager i.e eopkg. The standard applications feature comes with every desktop interface. Also, the GNOME desktop can extend its functionalities via GNOME Shell extensions. It is the most beautiful desktop developed by our company and it has such a luxurious interface. This integration makes it possible to run classic GNOME applications alongside other types of software on Budgie. Best Linux desktop that's highly customizable, Best Linux desktop that's aesthetically pleasing, Best Linux desktop that's lightweight and beautiful, Best Linux desktop with a simple aesthetic, Best Linux desktop for migrating macOS users, Are you a pro? All the elements on the desktop, such as the applications menu, are implemented as applets. Whether it is touch-based devices or traditional PCs, GNOME design suits both at the same time. Enlightenment (opens in new tab) is a rather unusual desktop environment. Caja file manager, Mate terminal, and others are the default applications in MATE. It has a file manager as well as a window manager named Nautilus, Compiz respectively. However, GNOME isnt a good choice for older computers or systems having less than 4GB RAM. Besides the desktop, Deepin components make use of the dock and control center and the application launcher. Xfce supports considerable Linux distributions. Some major Linux distributions that use GNOME as their preferred desktop environment are Fedora, Pop!_OS, OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu. It has a very elegant and macOS-like user interface, while also supporting some of the newest technologies. Suparna is a freelance writer who writes about Linux including tips, tricks, and how-tos. The Deepin desktop almost replicates the aesthetics and usability of Mac OS X. With this, all of the aspects of the desktop can be managed. Not many folks would pick this for a new machine, but it does a great job of keeping PCs running that would otherwise be scrapped. Budgie natively utilizes GTK3+ toolkits but also has support for Qt5 applications via a QtWebEngine plugin. But do remember that older systems with less than 4GB RAM support are not suitable for GNOME. The Deepin (opens in new tab) desktop is part of the Deepin distro. While not as minimalist as LXDE and many other distros that are attempting to follow in its footsteps, Xfce focuses on practicality and performance over bells and whistles. However, it would need to run on older machines with lower resolution & limited hardware. The project of Unity was begun by Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical, as these are the producers of the most popular Linux distribution i.e.