The Boeing Company: University Relations Grant. Talk about raising the degree of difficulty. This company has been very welcoming to new interns still in school. Opportunities for advancement are earned and not handed out based on seniority. Intern pay is great and the company values are a great incentive to continue. Ten out of ten.

Lots of opportunities to bring software into the company, but progress is slow. schweitzer wsu spokane beatriz chancellor lisa dr brown left right floyd sel fund medical give education edmund iii Prepare to be learning the entire time you were there. 4.0 out of 5 stars for Compensation/Benefits, 3.7 out of 5 stars for Job Security/Advancement, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Well, there is no secret; Ed Schweitzer, founder and president of the fast-growing company, which has annual sales of more than $600 million, gladly shares his HR philosophy and the details of its application: We try to run the business the way our moms would want us to, Schweitzer tells me in an interview. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), a manufacturer of sophisticated equipment for utilities and other power systems, is looking to hire scores of electrical engineers right now. They are condescending and demeaning. People are awesome and work towards a common goal. When that happens, employees arent laid off; instead theyre trained to run the machines. These buyers are increasingly similar to strategic buyers, as private equity funds seek to roll up multiple companies in the same industry and then sell the company in an initial public offering or to other investors. As with IRAs and 401(k)s, the tax responsibility rests with the owner-employee, who pays when he or she retires or otherwise withdraws stock. Thats a big factor in keeping SEL employees around. Not an environment conducive to expanding your skills or understanding. If you are a hard worker, show up on time, friendly and work well with others, you will have great success with SEL. This can also be used for maternity leave but its not technically maternity leave. This means that, in the interim, ESOP-owned companies can enjoy superior after-tax cash flow to pay down acquisition debt, invest in plant and equipment or make acquisitions. Previously stored by number, Griffin suggested the most-frequently-used ones be kept closest to the action, and that the heaviest ones be stored at waist height to avoid back strain. The company has beaten the S&P 500 since the ESOPs founding. Our community is ready to answer. Waste is avoided. What does an ESOP bring to SEL? Thats his philosophy, in a nutshell; being exceedingly pro-employee SEL is 100 percent employee-owned, thanks to a series of transactions Schweitzer initiated gives SEL the devoted workforce it needs to continually innovate and to deliver top-drawer service. The products built are outstandingbut the company wasn't ready to expand. Theres money to investigate new ideas, as SEL invests more than 10% of annual revenue (expected to surpass $1 billion within five years) in R&D. Article published part of the September/October 2015, Sourcing & Contracts Management Specialist. schweitzer Its not a fair work place and they dont care about your mental state. Opportunity for advancement is better for certain demographic groups. ESOPs outperform similar companies with different ownership formats. Management tries to be very positive. These transactions, in some cases, bring the absolute highest pre-tax price for a business because the acquirer often cuts costs deeply at the combined companies. I helped create many projects that are still being used today. Thats because workers act like the owners theyve become. Enrollment in the school has also doubled to more than 1,000 undergraduates and nearly 200 graduates each year. To date, the Schweitzers and SEL have collectively contributed more than $3.6 million to support students, teaching and research across the university. Lunch is catered and everyone at SEL locations across the country and internationally stops working to participate and learn. Retirement was my choice. The companies that draw top talent to these places tend to be remarkable organizations, Visokey adds. And ESOPs overall, recently studied by EYs Quantitative Economics and Statistics Practice (QUEST), have significantly outperformed the S&P 500, delivering their worker-owners an 11.5 percent compound annual growth rate vs. 7.1 percent for the S&P 500 on a total return basis. This remarkable success in recruiting and retention also comes despite the fact that SEL resides in Pullman, Washington, a city of just 32,000 half of them students at Washington State University (WSU) 75 miles south of Spokane, 285 miles from Seattle and 900 miles from Silicon Valley. A culture that encourages a healthy workforce: SEL has an onsite medical clinic with nurse practitioners and a physician; a Life Quality Center that includes workout facilities, personal training and nutrition counseling; reimbursement for external gym memberships.

This route can often bring the seller a better after-tax return than selling to a private equity fund. Dignity of work is one of our values., How does an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP, work? Annual research expenditures in the school have more than doubled in the past six years, to $7.6 million annually, with about $4 million of that increase in power engineering research. Whats more, excluding employees relations just wouldnt work, given SELs size relative to its headquarters city. The company pays well is well run and they make the employees feel part of the company and that no job is to small, one of the few Made in America companies out there. SEL aims to add 15 percent of an employees pay to his or her ESOP account each year. While at SEL I have been lucky enough to learn and grow in whatever direction I wanted.

Dale Visokey, a managing director at Crist/Kolder Associates, an executive search firm, has been recruiting talent to industrial companies for more than 25 years, including to such out-of-the-way locales as Benton Harbor, Michigan, Versailles, Ohio, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. His mantra may be warm and fuzzy, but Schweitzer is a hardcore engineer, with a PhD from WSU, where he first encountered the study of large-scale electrical systems. Today, SEL employs about 3,800, more than 2,000 of them in the Pullman area, and its customers are found all over the world. What is the most stressful part about working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories? The culture on the production floor is good, people are eager to help eachother. Some are adopted across the company after theyre proven on a smaller scale. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. That saves the seller having to pay combined federal and state capital gains of about 23.5% of sales proceeds, depending on the state. What benefits does Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories offer? In subsequent years, he sold additional amounts to the ESOP, taking it to 49 percent. Health insurance premiums are low and there is a employee stock ownership plan available to all employees. What is the interview process like at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories? Good health and retirement benefits. Work environment pretty bad. Everyone there hates working there. These policies alone might very well have kept SEL competitive in hiring and in its business, but Schweitzer early on decided to take a more dramatic step: he organized an employee stock ownership plan and in 1994 sold 30 percent of SEL to the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). And founders who sell to an ESOP can participate in this favorable upside; most do so by partially financing the sale of the company, taking back seller notes that also come with stock warrants. When you factor out the WSU students, SEL employs more than one-in-ten permanent Pullman residents. You can reach her at They have great customer satisfaction and warrants all products for ever!

The support network is very large. Washington State Universitys power engineering program will establish the Edmund O. Schweitzer III Chair in Power Apparatus and Systems in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, thanks to gifts totaling $1.5 million from Edmund and Beatriz Schweitzer, and the employee owners of Pullman-based Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. I really dont suggest this place unless youre desperate. Free Friday lunch, benefits, pay, health insurance, training. Sara Arar came to SEL six years ago with what many employers would regard as a work history ill suited to cutting-edge manufacturing. It just figures that one smart and motivated person will be related to more such potential hires. Luis DAcosta, who succeeded Schweitzer as CEO of SEL last year after 10 years at the company, says the devotion to R&D and to a long-term outlook distinguishes the company. A great company that offers challenging tasks, offers good pay, has benefits and will train you to do the job by SEL's standards. Still wish I hadn't left that job years ago. An OK company to work for if you are right out of school or have not worked in the industry very long. Ideas are welcome. Its granted to them gradually through the ESOP. The willingness to innovate and take chances is admirable. We dont have maternity leave specifically. He notes a program that allows front-line supervisors to commit relatively small funds and amounts of worker time to improvement projects. And that produces sales growth and healthy profits. How did you get your first interview at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories? Belief in training and education extends beyond SELs facilities. Management is awful! We have research facilities you just dont see in other private companies, DAcosta says. Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on. Typically, a founder/owner, nearing time to sell part or all of the company he or she launched, will consider the options: ESOPs enjoy another major tax benefit. Conflict is reduced. Amazing company that always looked out for it's employees first. What is the best part of working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories?

The Friday Lunch: like any employer its size, SEL is a company of specialists, most of whom work on discrete projects, and workers would have little idea how their labors relate to the overall organization were it not for extraordinary efforts to keep everyone well informed.

And employees manage themselves and each other to build their shared investment.