archaeological monuments in the town including an Ecclesiastical Enclosure (SMRS Ref: ME02305), Hut Site (SMRS Ref: ME02304) and a church in the centre of the village (SMRS Ref: ME01584). cladding internal joinery architectural The town has developed as a commuter settlement primarily due to its proximity to Dublin and associated road and rail links via the M1 Dublin-Belfast Motorway and Gormanston Rail Station. Potential for Green Infrastructure network Facilitate the development of a green link within the established residential area to the north west of the town and facilitate an amenity pathway along the northern bank of the Delvin River, making provision for a community playground at a suitable location, whilst ensuring adequate linkages to the town centre. stream This provides a strong community focus in this part of the town. It is important that any development fronting the Main Street maintains links to the Delvin River, thereby ensuring adequate connectivity and permeability, to the future public park. In addition there are opportunities for small infill developments in the town centre and established residential areas.

Fitted wardrobes in Master and second bedrooms. Stamullen offers a wide range of recreational facilities including a good array of retail, restaurants, community groups and educational facilities.

He added: We are still gutted to be the only group not allowed return. The RTE star has operated Glitz Stage School along with his wife Karen Smyth McMahon from the facility in the village for the past six years but was told that the new parish priest has other plans for the hall and he would have to find an alternative location for his 70 strong cohort of students.

Our students will be disappointed and we continue to believe that Fr. "Prior to the Covid pandemic, only five small voluntary groups availed of the facilities and when Government guidelines allow it to reopen these groups will be welcomed back. document.getElementById('cloak8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a').innerHTML = ''; To adopt a sequential approach to development infill town centre sites shall be prioritised for retail and commercial development in advance of other sites within the town, except in exceptional circumstances. This housing development is located within the town centre yet only minutes from Junction 9 of the M1 Motorway, it is only 25 minutes to Dublin Airport, 15 minutes to Skerries and only 25 minutes to Malahide. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. St. Patricks GAA Club Grounds; Community Centre; Church; and Post Office. 08. Instead residents must travel a circuitous route via the former N1 (R132), some 5.5 km in distance.

To promote the sustainable growth of Stamullen and facilitate its development as a Self-SustainingTown by supporting local business and economic development and identifying opportunities that will deliver enhanced facilities and amenities.. This email address is being protected from spambots. k_}7Ky <> document.getElementById('cloak8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a').innerHTML += addy8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a; Follow them on Facebook @ St Patrick's GAA Meath, Junior/Senior Infants Girls Football Training 1.30pm -2.30pm on Mondays starting 28th February 2022. Located within the AshbourneMunicipal District, Stamullen is a small town situated in the east of the County, in close proximity to the border with County Dublin. The Policies and Objectives set out below are in addition to those included in the Written Statement in Volume One of the County Development Plan.

The Green Infrastructure Strategy for Stamullen seeks to ensure the protection and enhancement of the natural and built heritage of the town. Website designed by BCQ, Heat pump system which is thermostatically controlled, All houses are constructed to provide a high level of air tightness in order to retain heat, Internal features include walls painted throughout in a mid-tone easy neutral paint with ceilings painted in white, Superb kitchen by Gallagher Kitchens (all kitchens are integrated with an upstand and stainless steel extractor fan). You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We rang back and they told us we have no plans to open the hall to any parish community groups, that it is the churches to do with it what they want. Housing estates grew up and shops and other developments were built to support the growing population. The town functions as a local service centre however due to the proximity of the settlement to towns such as Balbriggan and Drogheda, the range of services available are limited. x]&Gqxaa>|{wHQ`F2T=S=]/oj^__EtM)7~Q|WzAKXuYW/.jqy7r[mYwb}r#oK. The secretary got back to us and said we dont know yet whether you can use the hall, the parish priest wants to put his own stamp on thing and we will have to get back to you. Stamullen has seen 1 price changes over the last 3 months, Meath has seen 158 price changes over the last 3 months, Yellow Furze, Beauparc, Navan, Navan, Meath, 124 Blackcastle Demesne, Navan, Co. Meath, Navan, Meath, 10 The Park, Athlumney Wood,, Navan, Meath, 3 Birch Avenue, Johnstown Wood, Navan, Co. Meath, Johnstown, Meath, 15 The Tolka, Prospect Hill, Finglas Road, Dublin 11, Dublin, 93 Boyne View, Navan, Co. Meath, , Navan, Meath, 21 Millstream, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, Mullagh, Cavan, 7 Tara Court Road, Navan, Co. Meath, Navan, Meath, 16 Ardgillen Drive, Balbriggan, Balbriggan, County Dublin, Clearwater, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Malahide, County Dublin, Apt.8 Delvin Court,Stamullen,Co Meath,K32 DT28. Stamullen is only a short drive to Gormaston Beach and other beaches nearby. There is a National Monument Service Zone of Archaeological Notification in the centre of the town. The priority must also be on improving pedestrian and cycle facilities within the town and between the Business Park and Gormanston. 1 Chapter 6: Infrastructure. K4:o'_Dr6BlJ0TWE oxw/X}c@l"f'0b+H)d\~qo7?7NZ+iEi^ti ff ^dwGJ(h%~FN_X-2F~t5.F>,)P#|p_WE VC5G\1%G$?\K {k+RRi.Yu 8CpqDM5-bqeQj"&%+0 "*] GgY66~?YhB)(FSXelk$$9xM~'"N(I &h4#FjT[ji+++brU8!

The development of Stamullen has been influenced by the Delvin River to the south and the motorway to the east, which has resulted in the town development being concentrated on the northern side of the Gormanston Road. There is an extant permission for over 200units on the lands adjacent to St. Patricks GAA Club that was granted in 2018. This Plan will continue to support the provision of a road link which would improve connectivity and permeability in the town and create a more sustainable settlement. Potential for economic development given the strategic location of the town on the Dublin-Belfast Economic corridor which will address out bound commuting levels. The Record of Protected Structures (RPS), identifies a total of 5 no. {f @G]Xp@!IoMs The historic development pattern of Stamullen consists of a linear pattern of individual properties to the north and south of the Gormanston Road, while the more recent pattern of development of consists of residential developments with a mix of house types including detached, semi-detached, and terraced properties. var addy9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb = 'stpatricksfacebook' + '@'; We only found this out by chance, we sent in a courtesy email to the parish hall saying that we were delighted with the news that we are going to be able to return on the night of the 20th of September.

For details, contact Karen Lavell on 086825 7727. Footpaths and cycle paths have been provided linking Stamullen with Gormanston and the Council will seek to improve the cycling environment linking Stamullen to the train station and bus stops at Gormanston. Core Strategy Household Allocation document.getElementById('cloak9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb').innerHTML += addy9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb; Residential growth in the town will involve the build out of the residential lands between the M1 and the Cockhill Road where there are two parcels of land available for residential development. To facilitate the provision of pedestrian linkages from Silverstream Road to Cockhill Road through established residential areas. To encourage the re-development of backland infill sites within the town that include residential uses. Composite front doors

Flood Risk Zones A & B have been identified, To promote the sustainable growth of Stamullen and facilitate its development as a, Water: Stamullen is supplied with water from the East Meath Water Supply Scheme, which serves a large catchment area. Wastewater: The town is currently served by Stamullen waste water treatment plant. "We are only there for two and a half hours on a Friday evening, I'm sure the room could be used for multiple purposes.". Other features which are important in maintaining biodiversity in the town includes Watery Lane at the rear of the church ruin and graveyard. The provision of a walkway along the Delvin River and the development of these lands to provide for both active and passive open space is a key priority of the plan, in order to provide much needed amenity provision in the town, including a public playground. There will also be availability for other small groups who may wish to use the facilities. #`M1R Ul DC&_!i3)hHDMFOlzUM~&w5"-;v+C@P[lqZnkL!$(>WhpdjBva wj"tvd-1q*bcvzUQ8/g Dg*KV{LZ:%7I]0_3[Y88tLDT9}A ^8-NG7Y]vW' e!Q.^h4lMniL;1 Y6W:~qG+F*) ^z ucQ%G\TLTpdQXQ=&P*m8#kUIfo%(Yn7$T#~C28?V RB2F}PD!=m,=bc,;4lz2 6 There is a cluster of community facilities on the Cockhill Road consisting of St. Patricks National School and St. Patricks GAA Club. Amenities To protect the setting and curtilage of the graveyard and church within the retail core of Stamullen town centre. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Stamullen today is greatly changed from the sleepy village of 20 years ago! The emphasis will therefore be on consolidation of the town centre rather than expansion. registered Childcare & Montessori facilities. As a well established commuter location Stamullen enjoys excellent transport links to Dublin via good bus services every few minutes during commuting times via Bus Eireann or Matthews Coaches. No Secondary Schools. To avoid repetition Policies and Objectives have only been restated where they have particular relevance to the settlement. Any development should include an appropriate mix of housing that meets the needs of the entire community. The graveyard also hosts the ruins of St. Christopher's chapel, built by the Preston family who were Viscounts of Gormanston from 1363 to 1947. flooding from the Delvin River. There are also under-utilised infill and brownfield lands in the town which have the potential to be developed for residential uses. Each Silver Banks is covered by a 10-year Homebond Structural Guarantee. There is very limited spare capacity at this plant.

1f 3 u!LQTL+C(3BTV:~h]HPmE|#0N0[hG/{M[=$p1BPm2Wbs ` dBl#QL xd!A!KaqG> NY!ED.HC WZ4xTL*}HBpd_ak0z-WU_J\ZcS?8S6RdxJ][ERK?Pb=FYg#g9&R^{G81Mj* ; |DM8%J]! External features include tasteful mix of brick and render exteriors. Exclusive development of just 19 large NZEB compliant A2 rated 3 and 4 bedroom homes. The principal source of water is the Staleen Water Treatment Plant near Donore. A tribute to local saint St. Mologa, the beekeeper,,,,,,, Meath County Council bus service, Local Link, serves the Stamullen to Balbriggan route daily. ]fG ( All rights reserved. To secure the implementation of the Core Strategy of the County Development Plan, in so far as is practicable, by ensuring the household allocation for Stamullen as set out in Table 2.12 of the Core Strategy are not exceeded, subject to the availability of services. The further development and enhancement of City North Business Park will assist with job creation. document.getElementById('cloak9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb').innerHTML = ''; within the town with areas subject to risk of There are a number of green infrastructure features in the settlement which can be categorised into different green infrastructure themes, including biodiversity; parks, open space and recreation; sustainable water management; archaeological and architectural heritage; and landscape. It is an objective to preserve and protect these features. 086 8867799This email address is being protected from spambots. The Council in conjunction with Irish Water is progressing proposals for a major Capital project to provide the additional Wastewater capacity required to facilitate the development and growth of the town. % regard must be had to the significant extant planning permissions for multiple residential units permitted in Drogheda Environs, Ashbourne, Ratoath, Laytown / Bettystown and Duleek in particular. 99 percent of our students were baptised in the parish so these are his parishioners that he is letting down. The newer St. Patrick's Church, built in 1831 and recently renovated and updated, is the central point of the village. Flood Risk Zones A & B have been identified 2020-20271. 36 (B) Stamullen Cultural and Natural Heritage Map.pdf. addy9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb = addy9b102ac165586831339b3c5aaa72e1cb + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; The pipeline serving Stamullen is a constraint and limits spare capacity.

Limited capacity in the water supply to Stamullen sourced from East Meath Water supply scheme/Staleen Water Treatment Plant. We were just absolutely gobsmacked.. Following the sale of all new 3 and 4 bedroom houses at Delvin Mews, Dwellings are now delighted to introduce the show house for sale. )hG U& tF#(o~F|D9DprB1:h>#4n'hTh]g/BFO:oO)/*=4"K3XGF%4EtwrO*FYcr`A-! ;Sn/R>RE~IF[Ie 21ApU@v l1N1s6 iE#kcCE|lh+me~aj")$GO;q?GkeGL};re"A dWR$@b\i'4WZZ#W ;Sn/R>RE~IF[Ie 21ApU@v l1N1s6 iE#kcCE|lh+me~aj")$GO;q?GkeGL};re"A dWR$@b\i'4WZZ#W

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(To apply, please contact the Parish office).

Located in the hearth of Stamullen Village, minutes from Junction 9 of the M1 Motorway, its a 45 minute commute to Dublin City and a 25 minute drive to Dublin Airport. structures in Stamullen, including Stadalt House and the Catholic Church. Registration is required in advance. r hh-Msx'zKF )!ly= R|Y:n-$8:)TFm,D{G ))@Y[8{n^"U@CAu': fR2 4.8vv9!P3fFy#]bfx!Bb&ie! The principal source of water is the Staleen Water Treatment Plant near Donore. The City North Business Campus is strategically located off the M1 at Junction 7 however the absence of a direct road link to the campus from Stamullen has inhibited the creation of a synergy between the town and this employment zone. Whilst the town has no direct connection to the motorway, the City North Business Campus does. All new development in Stamullen must facilitate the provision or improvement of key infrastructure or community facilities, in particular pedestrian linkages and connectivity to adjoining developments and facilities. The Council will continue to work closely with Irish Water in the identification of a long term solution to the treatment of waste water in the town that would provide the required capacity to facilitate growth. Community groups and organisations are the most important social infrastructure in the town and Stamullen is fortunate to benefit from many active groups and associations, including Stamullen Tidy Towns Committee, Graveyard Committee and the GAA Club providing active sporting facilities. Please Open The Parish Hall Back to the Community has received almost 500 signatures from outraged local parents who are up in the arms about the move. These sites can be accommodated on the existing employment lands in the City North Business Park, where there is capacity for further expansion. The town does contain several mature and attractive trees which define the landscape setting and are identified to be protected. For walkers Silver Banks is only a few minutes drive to Gormanston Beach. document.getElementById('cloakc71277a0599dd40ae83781bb354778db').innerHTML = ''; S00}VORZMmb)N)3%,7/~y^8"N|gJ;E5&"{(d >B1@sn_p9;Nt1`V&} Grnj Stamullen is identified as a Level 4 retail centre in the County Retail hierarchy which seeks to deliver local / neighbourhood retail services, serving the immediate population only. the show house was designed and furnished by an interior designer and all furniture, fixtures and fittings will be sold with the house at a reduced cost separate to the guide price. To facilitate infill and other developments within the town centre in the context of their contribution towards the enhancement of the existing streetscape and the visual amenities of the central part of Stamullen. Located within the town centre yet a short drive to the train station, the M1 Motorway and numerous beeches. var addyc71277a0599dd40ae83781bb354778db = 'DPGYMNASTICSCLUBDROGHEDA' + '@'; It is envisaged that this capital project will be realised within period of this plan. In terms of natural heritage, there are no designated sites, including Candidate Special Areas of Conservation (c.SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA) or proposed Natural Heritage Areas (pNHA) within the development boundary of Stamullen. Well continue to campaign, with the community and get the parish to make the right decision, we will not give up.. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Applications forms here (please include teacher's name and class). var addy8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a = 'pro.stpatricksmeath' + '@'; Lands located to the west of the town east of Stadalt House have been identified for the future potential development of a public playground.

({V Jn/5/F A fundamental element of the growth strategy for the town is investment in infrastructure services. George says he is pleased that the priest has made a u turn in allowing other community groups to return but has pleaded with him to take into consideration the wishes of his congregation. External features include tasteful mix of brick and render exteriors. St Patricks National School and 4 no. )hG U& tF#(o~F|D9DprB1:h>#4n'hTh]g/BFO:oO)/*=4"K3XGF%4EtwrO*FYcr`A-! Stamullen also provides a good range of shops and services locally with larger retailers available nearby in Drogheda, Balbriggan and Swords. Enhance the attractiveness of the town centre to encourage the retention and further development of local business. This website intends to offer locals & visitors information regarding businesses and leisure services in Stamullen Village. For rail links, Gormanston Train Station (4.5 kms from Silver Banks) and Balbriggan Train Station (11 minutes drive from Silver Banks) offer regular daily services to the Capital. It aims to protect and conserve biodiversity within the plan area and on adjoining lands, landscape character areas and flora and fauna and to provide for the passive and active recreational needs of users. Each house is covered by a 10-year Homebond Structural Guarantee. Stamullen is located on the border of Counties Meath and Dublin, a few miles from the coast and just off the M1 motorway (J7). Recent commercial development has occurred in a consolidated manner within the town core in the form of two and three storey buildings, with a number of the units in these new buildings remaining vacant. addy8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a = addy8e94ba4d7f3a640e225f1ddb4341992a + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; In this regard a green edge is to be established surrounding the built-up area of Stamullen with an emphasis on advancing landscaping proposals in respect of new development concentrating on proposals to repair and enhance the landscape structure of the town. Stamullen offers a wide array of recreation facilities. "The parish hall is for the parishioners. All Rights Reserved. At the time of writingwhile works have commenced, the permission is the subject of a revised planning application for the redesign and increase in the number of units on the site.