No reservations necessary. Mange takk! The questions are: Can that section of Route 63 be done in a day with time for scenery stops? You don't technically need a reservation for the Hellesylt-Geiranger ferry - just make sure to get your car in line between 30 - 60 minutes before departure time. In the high season you need to make a reservation in advance if you travel with a car. As one day of that, we're looking at driving Route 63 from south to north from Langvatnet through Geiranger, Linge, Trollstigen and ending at Sogge bru, which is just south of Adalsnes where we would then spend the night before ending in Oslo the next day. From Geiranger continue for the rest of Route 63 the next day. Continue driving and stop again at the Gudbrandsjuvet cataractgreat little place for coffee and a snack (and an ubermodern restroom!). You can then take the car ferry from Hellesylt on the first ferry in the morning (9:30 if you're going in May; 8:00 if you are going after June 1) and cruise up the fjord to Geiranger. Can't do everything I guessyou're definitely hitting two of the highlights though! Saturday 09.00-18.00Sunday 10.00-21.00. Press + to increase or - to decrease the font size. Timetables in cases where one of the ferries on route 1135 or 1136 is out of service, FRAM Customer CentreTelephone +47 71 28 01 00, Opening hours If you were to stay in the area of Alesund longer I would give you other ideas for places to go but it sounds like you're heading south again right away? You open the timetables for the ferries by tapping each link below. Is the Sognefjellet tourist route a part for your plan? Hi Bobbing4data! I have only driven a portion of that route, but it looks feasible for a days journey.

The question is what's your definition of a multi-day trip :) If you are unlucky you will in worst case have to wait over one ferry. Many thanks. I would definitely opt for the ferry trough the Geiranger Fjord, it's absolutely stunning. The trip from Langvannet to Sogge brundalsnes via Geiranger (The national tourist road Route 63) is totally doable in one day. Andreas and Anita, since you both offered to provide more inputs I will send you a private message. But drive up to the rnesvinget (Eagles corner) lookout on the road from Geiranger to Eidsdal for phenomenal views. This topic has been automatically closed due to a period of inactivity. Consider driving from Bergen to Hellesylt and spending the night there - it's a fairly long drive but then you'll be able to cruise the Geirangerfjord AND drive the Trollstigen road/pass without backtracking. 2022 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy,, It took us forever to drive the rest of the road because there were so many amazing views and we kept stopping to walk trails and paths we could see from the road and to take pictures of the waterfalls and stunning vistas. Yesyou can do this drive in a day. But this ferry trip is, as you can see from the timetable, something that's you easily can do as a part of your short stay in Geiranger (without your car). If you want a cruise on the Geirangerfjord now, you need to take the ferry between Hellesylt and Geiranger. The car ferry from Geiranger to Valldal (not to Linge), ended in 2014 :(

If you want to hedge your bets, and insure a spot, you can buy a ticket in advance as long as you're sure of the time/date you'll be there. In the FRAM app and the travel planner you can search for departure times and see departure time information in real-time. You can find information about the ferry routes, fare zones and the alternate route for county road 63 here. For any of the other ferries you will take in the area you'll drive on and then get your ticket from an official who will come to the window of your car. Hold down the Ctrl key. I'm assuming you're coming from Bergen to the south? Hi. In july the're is two ferrys in service. A ferry official will come to your car and sell you the ticket while you are waiting in line for this particular ferry. I will gladly put up some recommendations for you. I have many recommendations on other National Tourist Routes to include on such a trip. It goes shuttle, takes 15-20 min and has pretty good capacity. 1059 Aukra-Hollingsholmen 01.07.22-27.08.22, 1056 Brattvg-Dryna-Fjrtofta-Harya 01.07.22-27.08.22, 1152 GeirangerHellesylt 01.05.22-31.10.22(tourist route in the summer season), 1066 Larsnes-ram-Voksa-Kvamsya 01.07.22-30.09.22, 1066 Larsnes-ram-Voksa-Kvamsya 01.10.22, 1051 Smge-Orta-Finnya-Sandya-Ona 01.07.22-27.08.22, 1051 Smge-Orta-Finnya-Sandya-Ona 28.08.22-31.08.22, 1051 Smge-Orta-Finnya-Sandya-Ona 01.09.22-30.04.22, 1136 Standal-Trandal-Sb-Skr-Valderya-Store Kalvy 01.07.22-31.08.22, 1136 Standal-Trandal-Sb-Skr-Valderya-Store Kalvy 01.09.22, Note! Get off and start your drive from there. This is a series of specific questions aimed at Anita from Long Beach, Ed from Pensacola, or anyone else who may have traveled on Route 63 through the Trollstigen-Geiranger area. You can find information about the ferry routes, fare zones and the alternate route for county road 63 here, You can find a map with an overview of ferry routes here, Timetables in cases where one of the ferries on route 1135 or 1136 is out of service. You'll also want to stop at the overlook at the top of the Trollstigen Pass. Stop at the Ornesvingen overlook that has a stunning view back over the fjord. Which means 10-15 min to snap some photos :). And lastly, any recommendations on other National Tourist Routes to include in overall plan? The drive from Geiranger, up rnesvingen (Eagles road), all the way to Eidsdal is nice and scenic. You can always turn around and drive back to Geiranger for the ferry (that's what I did). Weekday 08.00-21.00 Is a reservation needed for either ferry Eidsal-Linge, or Geiranger-Linge? The ferry Geiranger - Valldal (near Linge) ended 2014. But I really recommend you to spend one night in Geiranger. Thanks to all who replied, the information was most useful. I've never been anywhere quite like it. We're planning on a multi-day road trip from Bergen to Olso that strings together a series of the National Tourist Routes in Norway. It could fit in your overall route from Bergen. A reservation is not needed (neither it's possible) for the Eidsdal-Linge ferry. Is the road between Geiranger and Eidsal a good bet for scenery or would it be better to take the ferry from Geiranger to Linge? How many days are planning/willing to spend on the road from Bergen to Oslo? You can find a map with an overview of ferry routes here.