However, theres also the possibility that a tenant will default. This commercial lease calculator uses a simple formula to calculate the annual rent: You can also open the advanced mode to split the total rental rate into two numbers: If you enjoyed this calculator, you should also check out our what to offer on a house calculator. Blank 1: Write the date when the agreement was made or signed. The Excel model is organized into twoassumption (inputs) tabs, two calculation tabs, two report tabs, and one data tab. Economic components such as inflation, property repair expenses, and the number of tenants are just some of the factors to consider in determining if a triple net lease is right for your property. It really got me thinking, and Im excited to someday use it on a real deal. Meanwhile, a triple net or NNN lease makes the tenant responsible for all three. However, when commercial property prices in the neighborhood rise, tenants who are locked into a long-term lease agreement may lose their ability to raise the rent, which can impact their income in the long run.

Box F: Similar to Box C, this option allows for a more convenient extension. Blank 6: Write the exact address (complete with Zip code). subject to the covenants and conditions of this lease, Kansas triple net () commercial lease this lease is made as of with an address of an address of, 20, between, (landlord ),, and (tenant ), with, who hereby agree as follows: 1. premises. Enter separately the base rental rate (determined by your landlord) and additional operational expenses that you have to cover over a year's time.

Blank 2: Full name of the property owner or landlord.

2018 Ground + Space.

Simply add Base Rent, Year # on the succeeding blanks below.

However, both parties must be aware of the consequences and responsibilities involved in this type of lease.

Examine the more recent maintenance fees to see if theyre going to escalate over the lease term.

Likewise, payment of real estate taxes shall be shouldered by the tenant.


In a single net lease, the landlord takes over most of the risks. Upon choosing a compatible format, download the commercial lease template to start editing.

Triple net leases require the tenant to pay all three of the additional expenses associated with the property, while single and double net leases only require the tenant to pay a portion of these fees.

The creditworthiness of the tenant determines the capitalization cost, which is used to measure the lease price. Step 8 Check the rest of the provisions.

It can now accommodate both general valuation, as well as acquisition analysis.

Box B: If the rent increases on a yearly basis, select this box then write the percentage of increase in words on Blank 5 (e.g. Atriple net lease (also known as NNN lease) is a lease agreement under which the tenant or lessee agrees to cover all of the estates costs such as commercial property taxes, building insurance, and upkeep. A triple net lease is typically more cost-effective for industrial tenants than the gross rent model. Calculations are done in monthly periods, and then rolled up into annual periods. Lets say the property expenses in 2021 for a property that is 4,800 square feet are $10.00/SF or $48,000.00 total. Box A: Tick this box if there is no third party or guarantor involved in the triple net contract.

Box B: If a guarantor should be named, add his or her full name on Blank 1. As part of the triple net commercial lease, additional charges should also be discussed and clarified. Emerald Hall), you may include it in the NNN commercial lease agreement. this philosophy to shape our success. Therein lies the importance of a robust valuation model.

Single Tenant NNN Lease Valuation Model (Updated Jun 2022). When the owner of such a space wants to rent it out to a business tenant, their agreement is called a commercial lease.

Step 4 Discuss the terms of the agreement. Sign up for our email list today. Blank 3: The first day when the tenant may start occupying the premises. The version you download will look slightly different. Note: In version 2.2-2.4, a robust acquisition capability was also added to this model. It would be best for the tenant to only pay for the minimum premium as part of the propertys insurance maintenance. Im referring to properties out-fitted/built to be occupied by one specific tenant. Blank 10: Write the monthly rent amount on the space provided.

Step 6 Add a rent computation for the NNN lease.

Then, take this number and add the total amount for property taxes, insurance, maintenance expenses and common area expenses and divide the total by 12. He is currently Head of Real Estate Investments and member of the founding team at Stablewood Properties. Now lets assume the 2022 actual property expenses are $10.20/SF or $48,960.00. Blank 2: Now, write the numerical equivalent of the rent on Blank 1 (e.g. Just sit back and collect a check each month from a creditworthytenant on a long-term lease. As always, please verify the formulas and methodology before using this model on a live deal. This Tenant would have a 2021 Base Year Expense Stop of $10.00/SF. Box E: If there is no option to renew or extend the commercial lease contract, tick this box. I havent used it professionally and there may well be errors needing to correct. Commercial rental properties include most non-residential spaces: offices, retail spaces, hotels, or restaurants. I think youll enjoy the model. To makethis model accessible to everyone, it is offeredon aPay What Youre Ablebasis with no minimum (enter $0 if youd like) or maximum (your support helps keep the content coming typical real estate DCF models sell for $100 $300+ per license).

Because of that, the rent is usually much lower, but the tenants have to deal with unexpected expenses, such as repairing a leaking roof. On the other hand, a double net lease requires tenants to pay for both taxes and benefits.

All Rights Reserved. MG Modified Gross This type of lease rate is treated similarly to the Full-Service Gross lease for the first full year of the lease term, but slightly differs for the remainder of the lease term.

In retail properties such as shopping centers, water can sometimes be included in CAM, but typically tenants pay gas and electric directly to the providers. Box D: Select this option if both parties prefer to negotiate new terms once the first agreement ends.

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LTV calculator (Loan to Value) checks the ratio between your mortgage and total purchase price. Dulani Halvitigala, Laurence Murph, Deborah Levy, Check out 21 similar real estate calculators , RMD Calculator - Required Minimum Distributions Calculator, Social Media Time Alternatives Calculator. Now that you know how to calculate the commercial rent, you can also find out what is the commission that a rental agent gets for helping you strike a deal. With its help, you can easily find out the annual rent you're going to pay, as well as the rental commission received by the real estate agent. Because the Tenant occupies 25% of the building, the Tenant would be required to pay an additional $240.00 per year or $20.00 per month. Be the first to see New Listings. This is a basic overview of each of these types: NNN Triple Net This type of lease rate includes the base rental rate plus the three Ns.

Over his career, he has underwritten $30 billion of commercial real estate at some of the largest institutional real estate firms in the world. Complete the above information for both the lessor (landlord) and the lessee (tenant). The intent of a triple net lease is that the base rent provides the Landlord with a net return over and above all property taxes, property insurance, and common area maintenance for the property. Otherwise, place a unit name. Vacancy considerations, tenant improvement charges, and rental fees are all factors that investors consider when investing in high-quality real estate.

own steering committee carey simon, chair & database manager ruth allies, fellowship coordinator vanessa keller, publicity coordinator lisa growth, charitable events coordinator open, external relations coordinator Feb 15, 2012 1 issuer39s name 3 name of contact for additional information will be reported to each us shareholder on 2012 forms 1099-div within box 8. necessary to implement the adjustment, such as the reportable tax year. Blank 7: Based on the total yearly CAM amount, get the monthly CAM contribution by dividing it by 12. Copyright 1 commercial brokers association all rights reserved lease agreement (multi-tenant form) this lease agreement (the lease) is entered into this (landlord), and cba form mt-ls multi- tenant lease agreement rev. Blank 1: The number of years the tenant will stay on the premises. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. The model is different from your typical discounted cash flow model (DCF) in that I use three discount rates rather than one. Now, if youve spent any time in real estate youve come across more than a few single tenant net lease deals. In a triple net commercial lease, the tenant pays all the utility fees as explained above.

Blank 7: Add the total square foot or floor area of the premises. Box B: Tick this if both parties are open to adjusting during such instances, except for the due date of the payment.

For example: If a tenant signs a modified gross lease for 1,200 SF in January 2021, then the tenants base year expense stop is equal to the actual total property expenses (property tax, property insurance, and CAM) for the calendar year 2021. You can use this tool as a triple net lease calculator.

All rights reserved. The majority of triple net commercial lease arrangements are set up to guarantee long-term tenant occupancy (up to 20 years). How does the landlord determine these rates and expenses? This is to account for the varying risk profiles of the credit, speculative, and residual cash flow of your typical single tenant net lease (STNL) investment. Blank 4: Add the numerical form of the amount on Blank 3. Create a free high quality Triple Net Lease Agreement online now!

As always, the model is built withblue font forinput cellswith the expectationthat the user not change non-blue font cells. 2022 Keifer Corporation (FZC).

Renters pay a lower prorated share of the continuing fees while paying a lower monthly payment by spreading those expenses out to more tenants.

Blank 1: The total amount of an entire years rent in words (e.g.

These common areas include spaces such as lobbies, courtyards, communal bathrooms and hallways. A tenant with a base year expense stop is responsible for paying its proportionate share of increases in property expenses over and above the Base Year Expense Stop. 12/99-page 1 of 2 day of, Commercial lease contract triple net this lease is made as of with an address of an address of, 200, between, (landlord),, and (tenant), with, who hereby agree as follows: 1. premises. Interested in getting our latest deals? Section 24 lists all situations that will be equivalent to a breach in the contract. 29, on the other hand, prioritizes the welfare of persons with disabilities who may visit the premises.

Blank 1: Name of witness (from the landlords party), Blank 2: Signature of the Landlord or an assigned representative, Blank 3: Full name of the landlord (a company name, if applicable), Blank 4: Position in the company (if applicable).

Tell us what youre looking for. They think theyre getting into a simple, safe investment and theyre not necessarily wrong STNL investments are far less management intensive. Box B: Tick this if the commencement date (Blank 3) will be strictly followed. Taxes and insurance premiums- Before entering into an NNN lease, the tenant may check if all real estate taxes have been updated. It means that every year for the first three years, the landlord has to pay him 5% of the total annual rent.

Box A: Tick this box if the landlord allows the tenant to occupy the space before the commencement date.

If you have any questions about our Pay What Youre Able program or why we offer our models on this basis, please reach out to eitherMikeorSpencer. You also should calculate the annual expenses of cleaning, utilities, and equipment, and divide the cumulative number of rental square feet of the commercial property by the sum of annual expenses to get a fairly clear computation. I then post a video describing the model more in depth.

An NNN lease is a good agreement to consider, but in the end, it is up to you to determine by weighing all the benefits and risks involved.

However, the roof, structure, and common areas like the parking lot, may still be the responsibility of the landlord. To compute if a triple net lease could be right for your commercial real estate property, you can add your monthly property taxes and premiums to the total amount of rental square footage in the property, then split the number by the total amount of rental square footage in the building.

The process of calculating a triple net lease is simplified when an entire building is leased to one tenant. Verify formulas/methodology before basing investment decisions on any model here.

A triple, Triple net leases require the tenant to pay all three of the additional expenses associated with the property, while single and.

I recently created a tutorial for how to create dynamic drop-down menus in Excel. Forty-eight thousand Dollars). These charges are in addition to rent and utility fees, and in the absence of a triple, double, or single net contract, the lender is typically responsible for all payments.

Because of this, for the operations, upkeep, and unforeseen fees of the company location, tenants must have a good credit record. At NavPoint Real Estate Group, we strive to exceed the expectations Box C: Choose this box if the agreement allows for an extension without needing an entirely new contract. Spencer holds a BS in International Affairs from Florida State University and a Masters in Real Estate Finance from Cornell University. Investors can suffer losses as they are attempting to fill the vacancy.

The Forefront of Climate Solutions for the Built Environment with Jacob Racusin Day in the Life of a Capital Markets Associate with Daniel Greenblum. So for the investor, these deals can be quite attractive. Add this monthly cost total to the monthly rental rate per square footage and multiply this number by the number of square feet each tenant leases to determine the triple net lease amount for each tenant in your building. Understanding how rental expenses are charged within different leases is a crucial component of responsibly renting commercial real estate spaces. Fortunately, Formspals free template discusses everything in detail to eliminate ambiguity in commercial NNN contracts. Investment AssetsOfficeRetailIndustrialLandApartmentsGolf CourseGeneral Consultation.

Triple net leases, or NNN leases, are common commercial real estate contracts for those organizations and companies seeking rental spaces to grow their business and provide steady financial growth with low-risk factors.

Repeat the same information for the tenant on blanks 5 to 8. This gives the landlord the right to take possession of the tenants non-exempt property until the overdue balance is paid. Determine the yearly cost of maintaining and operating these common areas and divide that total by the amount of rental square footage within the building. Blank 5: If the premises are part of the landlords building, mall, or a bigger commercial area, write how much of that bigger area it comprises (e.g. Section 12 details the rules and proper procedure for making repairs and alternations. However, before entering into a triple net lease arrangement, all parties should understand theconstraints of this form of a commercial lease. Box 123613. This means that if you are leasing a space that is 1,200 SF then the base rent per month will be $2,000.00 per month (calculated as 1,200 square feet x $20.00 divided by 12 months in the year = $2,000), plus $325.00 per month for taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance (CAMs), for a total monthly lease rate of $2,325.00.

For future years in the lease term, the rent per month will be $2,000.00 plus any expenses over the base year expense stop, if any.

The rental agent's fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the annual rent. Blank 3: The number of months remaining on the lease when the event occurred. Investors, on the other hand, can get long-term secure returns with appreciation.

In real estate, a gross lease is the most common type of lease used by residential landlords. Address: SAIF Executive office P8-02-53, Sharjah, UAE P.O. Step 3 Describe the premises and how they will be used. Based on some feedback from a few of our readers, Ive since made quite a few updates (see v2.0 updates video below).

Make sure to send a letter of intent at least 30 days before the expiration of the old contract.

This type of lease rate is advertised as: This means that if you are leasing a space that is 1,200 SF then the gross rent per month will be $2,000.00.

In this video, I walk you through what changed between v1.0 and v2.0 of the Single Tenant Net Lease Valuation Model.

Sections 20 to 22 detail how the premises may be used. Section 15 protects the landlord from any financial obligations unpaid by the tenant. Blank 4: Exact county where the property is located (as reflected on the address).

FSG Full-Service Gross This type of lease rate has all expenses included in the lease rate. Blank 4: The date when the tenant must vacate the premises unless the contract is renewed. Section 8 discusses additional charges due to Common Area Maintenance (CAM), which is charged on a monthly basis.


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Oftentimes, the tenant is also responsible for the upkeep of the building (CapEx), which is referred to as an absolute net lease. Commercial brokers association 2011 all rights reserved cba form st- single tenant lease rev. Though a single net lease or a double net lease almost have the same setup, only the triple net allows for more convenience on the part of the landlord. Therefore, the lease rate includes base rent, property taxes, property insurance, common area maintenance costs, and typically utilities.

Paid contributors to the model receive a new download link via email each time the modelis updated. Blank 3: Full name of the tenant or person renting the property. This process would continue for the remaining years in the lease term, with no change to the base year expense stop. There are different ways to pay this fee - for example, it can be agreed that the landlord pays 50% on the day of move-in and 50% on the day of move-out. I also include modules to calculate an appropriate discount rate for the credit-based cash flows and tovalue the building at the end of the lease term. Good properties with low vacancy rates are appealing to tenants for a triple net lease because the burdens of taxes, insurance, and upkeep are shared by a larger group of fellow tenants. The Base Year Expense Stop is the actual total expenses for the property (property tax, property insurance, and CAM costs) for the full year in which the lease commences. Sections 27 to 28 explain the remaining guidelines before taking any action. However, in multi-tenant buildings, its important to take account of the maintenance and upkeep of common areas within the space. As property taxes fluctuate annually, the landlord should provide the tenant with a property tax statement and the portion of taxes the tenant is responsible for when renting in a multi-tenant building. We regularly update the model (see version notes). A double net lease transfers the risk of property taxes and insurance premiums to the tenant. All inputs on the assumption tabs flow to the calculation tabs.

I originally built this single tenant net lease (NNN) valuation Excel model back in 2016.

In that tutorial, I featured the Property Type and Sub-Property Type inputs in this model as an example of how to create dynamic drop-down menus.

This type of lease rate is advertised as: Lease Rate: $20.00 /SF NNN (Estimated NNN = $3.25/SF), meaning the base rental rate is $20.00 per square foot per year and the property expenses, which include property taxes and insurance, are estimated to be $3.25 per square foot per year, though they can fluctuate from year to year. applicant