Looking for core raid members for Heroic and Mythic raid progression & keys! Heres the topic created by the community council about it. I know its a bug. if i am targeted on friend i innervate them while if i and targeting a opponent it would root them in place. https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/1006#metric=dps&partition=5&class=Shaman&restricted=1&spec=Enhancement&boss=0, Check the gear of some players, clearly warriors and rogues sitting on high rankings. Here you can find Guides, News, Tools, Forums, and more for WoW Classic, TBC Classic, WotLK, and Shadowlands! These changes will reduce the total refresh duration of logs and new changes will reflect quicker to bot messages. 25% if additive or 27.6% haste if multiplicative (cant remember which). It needed to happen. But the way they were fixed forced Warcraft Logs to ban them, which effectively removes them from the game entirely. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion so far! Throughout Classic and early TBCC we didnt know there was a way to guarantee a proc, so it was just kinda a chance tool to see if you could proc it before a boss fight, or you spawn it during the boss fight and hope it gives the squawk buff. Are you able to identify the bugged logs and remove them from the rankings? From what I can see, it comes down to a good understanding of how your spells interact with one another and how to situate yourself intelligently in the raid, since you are taking very little damage and have a stable output with no significant dips from having to move. Good. Any proposed nerf is always gonna have people arguing against it, of course.

(As you know it's much trivialized to gain covenant rankings so decreasing covenant score was necessary). Gnomish Battle Chicken Banned On WarcraftLogs TBC Classic, an announcement regarding changes to the Gnomish Battle Chicken, Blizzard Unlocks Firemaw Server TBC Classic, Naxxramas Releases on July 28 in WoW Classic Season of Mastery, Free Transfer Exploit To Gehennas Closing Soon, PvE Balance Druid Best in Slot (BiS) & Pre-Raid Gear, PvE Balance Druid Gems, Enchants & Consumables, Updated WotLK Class Guides: Blood DK Tank, Feral Druid Tank, Arcane Mage. At Warcraft Tavern were huge fans of World of Warcraft. for balance and feral, I'll post here :>. Roles can now be mentioned on messages. This is a great change.

I find that hard to buy. Your link has been automatically embedded. But the way they were fixed forced Warcraft Logs to ban them, which effectively removes them from the game entirely. Im glad they were fixed. They would have remained useful, but within reason. Your gear is extremely well itemized for Balance, you've got a lot of gold into expensive enchants, and you pulled 30K on a single target fight. In all, you are performing well. Except if you ban your teams logs from counting a lot of people will be upset with you. Hell, loot drops are a total RNGfest. The trinket isn't consumed in either case, but there is a 20 minute cooldown before the trinket may be used again. Im quite sure that the guilds that care to do so can pull this off quite readily, but its still not exactly an apples to apples comparsion with drums, which are simply a button press every 2 minutes. There's a great foundation which is not tapped yet and more developments will be done in this direction. Upload or insert images from URL. After some additional discussion the team decided to hold off on going quite that far to start with and went with the more conservative fix for the real abuse case. No character in this roster provides this buff. This is being caused by a bug in the uploader, not by deliberate cheating. We get almost all the garbage loot, we didn't see a single nexus key during phase 2, and only 1 caster 1h. But for now bot will only create separate threads for additional conversations. My understanding of it is that its a long enough buff that sometimes it can go completely undetected, or it has difficulty being shown in the combat log. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XQcbAMLxhwrRgY8z, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Bya/advanced. This led to Blizz giving the drums a 2 min CD so that players didnt feel like they had to use a team of drummers. Last Audit Sync: 26 hours ago. Really easy to parse tbh Most of the player base is bad. hb```f``b`e`cd@ A(GNyLw.q_"S6Qo4E0bTaH'!hpJ5O."J3pcQRA@'6&/S_0bxQ!L!$s6gc . The people who wouldnt use chickens will not parse with or without them, effort will still matter just the engineering part of the equation is gone. Oh youre totally right. As a result, a lot of players expressed resentment towards this change, and the outcome it would have to parsing, as the incredibly high luck component would jeopardize the integrity of the competition of rankings on the parsing site. If found both event and log messages will show navigational links. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The TL;DR here is that in the original World of Warcraft, creatures would ignore the initial cooldown period for certain support spells (such as buffs or summon spells). It would reduce the pressure on the social puzzle of planning party professions without removing it entirely. [TBCC] What am I gonna do with allll these chickens. I would like to add that at least in Enh shaman rankings, there are many warriors and rogues, also mostly asian players. It should have been done before Phase 3 released, not a couple of weeks afterward. This decision will have a huge impact on parsing. Nice, when are they banning multiple heroisms too? Just visit your channel connection pane and select the roles you want to be tagged. So as a parsing community theres no way to ban it or flag it as this parse had this many squawks similar to how we have lusts and other singular buffs. But I think just making them not stack and turning the buff into haste rating would have been been a better fix. The recipe for this item can be learned from a Gnome Engineering trainer. Tactically, a Battle Chicken would be good to use in any fight where the Battle Squawk buff would be helpful and where the Chicken would have a good chance of surviving to Squawk. Theres a social-puzzle aspect of it that I think is worth preserving if possible. 25% if additive or 27.6% haste if multiplicative (cant remember which). I have a quick update on Gnomish Battle Chickens; With restarts this week, we deployed a hotfix for a bug where Illidan was not respecting the initial cooldown on some of his abilities, such as his Phase 5 Enrage. Other than the fact you got bitch-slapped by the boss there, not seeing anything wrong. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Since we don't have another balance druid in our raid, I also don't have a good comparison where I should be in terms of dmg with my current. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AkGpZXJcR3LFhytB#fight=last&type=healing, Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft, https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/1006#metric=dps&partition=5&class=Shaman&restricted=1&spec=Enhancement&boss=0. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. I wasnt considering the fact that the durations were wildly different. Some examples of the new way to write this would be : This thread is for comments about our Nomi Druid deck. What about Kara Prince fights? It sometimes casts a self-buff, Chicken Frenzy, wich increases it's attack speed and damage dealt by 100%. For Discord events you can now target voice or stage channels instead of GoW event link. But they lacked vision. Here is the link %%EOF Here's a short music video paying homage to all the guardian druid tanks out there, much love! Kinda got old despite it happening for 2 ids only! Im sorry youre getting flak for it. no one will have their logs invalidated and every guild has at least 1 person that wants to parse no matter how casual, No, the chickens are live and welland busy running warcraft logs. Can you do something with that? 59 casts between Starsurge and Starfall seems pretty strong. The chickens have been around for 3 years, but only in the last few months was this new meta discovered and a hot topic for debate, and then coincidentally they were inadvertently fixed by a completely separate bug fix, right at the precise moment when everyone was expecting a decision/fix from Blizzard? so we are just assuming its a bug? Once started the chicken obeys the voice commands of the individual who started it, attacking his enemies and doing anything else he asks. Thats right, the wimpy mechanical chickens spawned from engineering They have a powerful 5% haste buff that lasts 5 minutes that stacks. Every shatter is a total RNGfest. Display as a link instead, You can now remove your characters from their teams on your profile page. I did notice that you didn't do anything while moving; the initial damage of Moonfire/Sunfire isn't amazing, but it's better than nothing, and maybe you can Starsurge if the timing works out. When i downloaded the recent shadowlands expansion, i noticed that my macros no longer worked =0. The diminishing returns idea is interesting, but I think it would be more straightforward to just remove stacking.

%PDF-1.5 % I believe everyone in TBCC community by now is familiar with the whole drums change (at least anyone that cared about it). If you're a Rogue or are grouped with one or more, an attack speed buff is especially powerful; the same is true of Warriors. yea loatheb has 5.3 mil HP and the CN reigons cheating bosses doing 9 million dmg to a 5 mil HP boss. Weve discussed it at some length and decided that we are not going to try to deliberately re-break Gnomish Battle Chicken actions to maintain this behavior, as this specific interaction was never originally possible during the later patches of original Burning Crusade. If a single player in your raid uses the Battle Chicken and it procs its buff, the entire raids log will be disqualified from rankings. Ok. You know you can play the game however the hell you want (use squawk on boss) and don't have to bend to the will of the warcraftlogs devs. This macro utilizes one button for a dual purpose. So give your raids melee DPS players a reminder to delete their chickens if your raid cares about parsing at all you dont want them to disqualify your logs accidentally! I was 100% pro chicken on force squawk meta, 100% against for rng snoozefest, chicken buff is pure RNG and bloodlust is not, it makes sense, Are they retroactively removing chicken buffs from current logs prior to the removal? With this change, it is no longer possible to guarantee the Squawk it is completely random if you get one or not.

Literally EVERYWHERE!!! Its melee attack is fairly weak, but its saving grace is its Battle Squawk, a spell that increases the attack speed of everyone in the party by 5% for 4 minutes (which is longer than the Chicken will be around). Since bot requires additional scope for command usage, it's mandatory to re-add bot to your Discord server. This is what allowed players to guarantee the Battle Squawk would occur by utilizing a very specific trick. This is the result of a bug in the uploader that has since been fixed (in theory). The WarcraftLogs admins decided that they agree that the randomness of the Battle Squawk proc inherently hurts the competition, and WarcraftLogs will be banning it outright, starting with logs on February 15 onwards. As soon as chickens became an RNGfest this was the best possible move WCL could make. Battle Squawk now observes its correct initial cooldown rules as it did starting in patch 2.1. As goofy as this is, it is an authentic interaction, and one that some guilds did take advantage of in some way in the original Burning Crusade. 5 days ago, Blizzard made an announcement regarding changes to the Gnomish Battle Chicken, wherein a change made to creatures in general caused the Battle Squawk buff the chicken casts ignore its cooldown period. This is happening again with battle chickens. Its not actually cheating. This behavior was removed in patch 2.1. It never should have been like this in crusade. Guilds that have great loot drops can pull ahead from ones with shit. With this season following changes have been made on audit scoring for balancing metrics; We may use cookies and similar technologies on our website. Ill follow up on that with the team when we get back from our holiday break and see if there are improvements we can make there. Care to explain why you think such, oh brilliant one? Click here for further information about Battle.net login. Unfortunately it's hard to predict when the Chicken will cast Battle Squawk, but it's worth a try. before the event start. Currently we are in a bit of a wait and see pattern following that fix. It doesnt seem all that authentic, even if it was possible in TBCC, because its such a powerful buff especially when stacked together. You also can roll engineering and get it so what's the issue? endstream endobj startxref Some in-game addon enhancements and bug fixes completed. but with it being a 5 minute buff that just seems kind of odd imo. I have a quick update on Gnomish Battle Chickens; With restarts this week, we deployed a hotfix for a bug where Illidan was not respecting the initial cooldown on some of his abilities, such as his Phase 5 Enrage. This correct behavior was not present in Burning Crusade Classic until this fix, which is why Illidans Phase 5 Enrage was not properly delayed as it should have been. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Those infernals are a total RNGfest. Classic WoW is my jam, with a passion for PvP. Each legendary gear now provides 200 points, up from 100. Plus, no one at blizzard should really care about parsing anyways. Heyas all! I think most would agree that the squawks from chickens shouldnt stack at all. Blizzard should've just removed it entirely, but this also works since the issue is entirely with parse-brains. This thread is for comments about our Dalaran Heist Druid guide. Throughout Classic and early TBCC we didnt know there was a way to guarantee a proc, so it was just kinda a chance tool to see if you could proc it before a boss fight, or you spawn it during the boss fight and hope it gives the squawk buff. No more loitering for squawks and subpar players no longer have an excuse. What doesn't have randomness to it? You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! literally a lot of people are saying it looks like they changed values. Well, community council is supposed to be for more unfiltered discussion, so you get to see me wearing my noob hat while Im on vacation. 2022 Magic Find, Inc. All rights reserved. bug fix to prevent illidan from enraging early, Found the guy that bought that hook, line, and sinker. I believe everyone in TBCC community by now is familiar with the whole drums change (at least anyone that cared about it). Because, as I understand it, now all the top P3 parses are going to be those from the first weeks when a 5-stack of chickens was still possible, and nobody will be able to top them going forward. This report is only available for guilds with Patreon Tier 2+. Hello everyone! To celebrate 9.2.5, giving away annual tier 3 memberships to 5 lucky users . In the log linked, it looks like you use Incarnation after pull instead of before. If true, its an amazing coincidence. Ruin their future logging.

This behavior was removed in patch 2.1. if you dont like RNG do to retail, or something. Please head over to https://wowpedia.fandom.com for more accurate and up-to-date game information. So far this is the single dumbest thing Ive read on the internet this month. 434 0 obj <>stream As far as the nerf timing, it was explained in the blue post that it was the bug fix to prevent illidan from enraging early (which absolutely needed to be fixed) that nerfed chicken, and since the behavior was inauthentic, they just didnt re-break chicken. Balancing decisions based on parses doesnt make sense for a classic rerelease at all. 410 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<390D55D610DDA962926729F4F4B9638B><3838986FF6B8254FA4E103135696FD1C>]/Index[391 44]/Info 390 0 R/Length 100/Prev 569726/Root 392 0 R/Size 435/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Good riddance chicken. Discord slash commands are now under development. Somewhat recently though, it was discovered how to guarantee a squawk. Now bot automatically triggers guild and audit refresh before event's beginning. The chicken is still usable in encounters, WCL cannot prevent me from using the chicken, People who suggest slowing down runs and increasing clear speeds in order to inflate their personal parse are drooling pepega parsemonkeys whose IQ is so low that they arent even capable of understanding the only reason anybody ever cared about dps in the 1st place before WCL got big and the concept of parsing took on a life of its own is to have a faster run, GL on that raid spot when you invalidate others logs, Im my guilds top dps, as well as an officer, GL on that raid spot to any of our raiders who are dumb enough to suggest slowing down our clear so that they can parse, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, Battle Chickens Banned on Logs starting 15th. Melee (and to a lesser extent, hunter) parses would now essentially be 100% determined by luck you could get 5 Squawks on a fight and do extremely high DPS, or you could end up with 0 or 1 and deal significantly lower DPS than others who managed to get multiple Squawks, despite playing optimally in every other way. Thankfully WCL is covering for the devs being unable to make a competent decision on the issue for months. That should keep them from doing it in the future. All parses should be banned! Max M+ dungeon clear now grants 25 points per keystone level, down from 50. Audits now include set pieces and total sockets. But maybe thats incorrect, I dont know. Download the client and get started. Since this discovery the parse meta has completely shifted towards chickens chickens chickens! and theres not much the player base or Warcraft logs can do about it. Its really annoying being in the top 10 DPS in the world and then a cheating CN group of players cheats and modifies logs and knocks down your ranks. No matter how reasonable the change is, theres always people who have dumped resources into chasing it that are sad if its taken away. btw only on bosses so chicken on trash is OK. EDIT: WCL discord is in full damage control - don't post anything about the change or expect a ban, Great change. I think most would agree that the squawks from chickens shouldnt stack at all. For comparison, drums is about 5% haste. The chicken only understands simple commands.[1]. Last Guild Sync: 26 hours ago. IFS There was a drop in both Sunfire and Starfire right when the raid casted Bloodlust. Somewhat recently though, it was discovered how to guarantee a squawk. The gnomish battle chicken is an oversized mechanical chicken. The idea that removing something from Warcraft Logs removes it from the game is a hilarious representation of everything wrong with raiding culture. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Calendar now has a settings panel which you can set start day of week. Oh so finally they wont summon an infernal infront of archimonde to stack chicken buffs. maybe?). Everyone character involved in that log should be banned from ever ranking in the logs for this. This is not a single target DPS macro, this is a Help / Harm selective macro So i did some digging to find out what was goin on, An example of this would be :/cast [help] Innervate ; [harm] Entangling Roots ; Innervate. This correct behavior was not present in Burning Crusade Classic until this fix, which is why Illidans Phase 5 Enrage was not properly delayed as it should have been. This structure is now broken but has also made things easier in most cases, After doing some digging idiscovered some new macros and the new format. Saturday/ Sunday raid times 7pm-10pm server! https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AkGpZXJcR3LFhytB#fight=last&type=healing. Craftsman's Writ - Gnomish Battle Chicken, World of Warcraft engineering crafted items. 0 Doing it before saves you a GCD during combat and is a generous DPS increase for the opener. 10.57 mil DMG done to a boss who only has 5.34 mil. So, what are you waiting for? Again, no decision here, just checking in to see what youre all saying and add some thoughts. They were embarrassingly overpowered. WCL logs are now accessible via calendar. 391 0 obj <> endobj I dont want to just homogenize everything, but the effect is superficially pretty similar (a loud noise that gives you a haste buff). Its what Im working on fixing. I play a balance druid for a few weeks now and I wanted to ask if someone could take a look at my logs and tell if I have any big mistakes or some things I could do better. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.

So use the Chicken if you're grouped with melee combat types, but don't bother if you're going up against mobs with AoE attacks or bosses that randomly charge (unless you're using the Chicken as a red cape to decrease the chances that the boss will charge a party member).