Please note that individual names may not be present in the PubMed record at the time a published article is initially included in PubMed as it takes PubMed additional time to code this information. Case. First Case Report of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy Showing Refractory Ventricular Tachycardia Induced by Thyroid Storm due to Graves Disease. hyperparathyroidism parathyroid kidney international tertiary manifestations symptoms disease figure patient resorption articles ppt pdf digital The journal considers basic, translational and clinical studies. 2014. Neoplasias affecting metabolism and energy production such as bladder, bone, kidney, lung, and head and neck, are also considered. If your manuscript contains any individual persons data in any form (including any individual details, images or videos), consent for publication must be obtained from that person, or in the case of children, their parent or legal guardian. If you do not have any competing interests, please state "The authors declare that they have no competing interests" in this section. Such information would help guide physicians in providing education and counseling to their transgender patients regarding reproductive options. Discussion. Healthwise Knowledgebase. They should not consist solely of a reference citation, and they should never include the bibliographic details of a reference. Wyllie AH, Kerr JFR, Currie AR.

See our editorial policies for author guidance on good citation practice. Endocrine Oncology will consider for publication all articles which are scientifically sound. Genome data from sweet and grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). If abbreviations are used in the text they should be defined in the text at first use, and a list of abbreviations should be provided.

Bethesda, MD 20894, Web Policies Accessed 12 Nov 1999. Careers.

Accessed 15 Jan 1999. Debate: The fight against obesity: To tax or not to tax? Royal Society of Chemistry. 2000; doi:10.1007/s801090000086. If you do not have anyone to acknowledge, please write "Not applicable" in this section. Data notes support open data and help authors to comply with funder policies on data sharing. 2000. We will not consider reports on topics that have already been well characterised or where other, similar, cases have already been published. Styliani Laskou|Konstantinos Sapalidis||Isaak Kesisoglou| + 2 Others. HHS Vulnerability Disclosure, Help Cookies policy. See our editorial policies for a full explanation of acknowledgements and authorship criteria. Accessed 21 Sept 1998. A Dramatic Response of a Thyroid Lymphoma to R-CHOP Chemotherapy Reversing Mechanical Airway Obstruction and Respiratory Failure. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the Topics include Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Thyroid, Adrenal, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Hormones and Cancer, Pituitary and Hypothalamus, and Reproduction. Challenges of Diagnosing Pseudohypoaldosteronism (PHA) in an Infant. The datasets used and/or analysed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request. FOIA scleromyxedema mdedge (2006). Data availability statements can take one of the following forms (or a combination of more than one if required for multiple datasets): More examples of template data availability statements, which include examples of openly available and restricted access datasets, are available here. For further details see open access options. A 5-week-old male arrived at the ER with episodes of emesis, lethargy, and difficulty in feeding. This may include details about the authors' qualifications, current positions they hold at institutions or societies, or any other relevant background information. Journal of Endocrinology is a leading global journal that publishes original research articles, reviews and science guidelines. 2022 Copyright Endocrine Society. Footnotes to the text are numbered consecutively; those to tables should be indicated by superscript lower-case letters (or asterisks for significance values and other statistical data). Radical excision of the mass and appropriate adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy improve the outcome for patients. Dr Jerry Greenfield and Dr Sarantis Livadas (Acting), Society members get a25% discount on the full Article Publishing Charges, Indexed in PubMed and Emerging Sources Citation Index, All profits from the journal are given back to the Society for Endocrinology. If an author or group of authors can clearly be associated with a web link, such as for weblogs, then they should be included in the reference. Discount may apply. Please refer to authors using their initials. rodolfo pini clinical reports journal case editorial arc Doe J. The role of the funding body in the design of the study and collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and in writing the manuscript should be declared. Online Publication Date: 16 Mar 2021, DKA in patients with pre-existing type 2 diabetes mellitus related to COVID-19: a case series, Authors: Anthony Ramos-Yataco, Kelly Meza, Reyna Cecilia Farfn-Garca, Solange Ortega-Rojas, Isaac Salinas-Mamani, Ivonne Silva-Arrieta Ontaneda, and Ricardo Correa RH performed the histological examination of the kidney, and was a major contributor in writing the manuscript. Footnotes to the title or the authors of the article are not given reference symbols. Kisspeptin boosts male sexual appetite and reduces anxiety, Pregnant women exposed to common toxin have lower levels of hormone crucial for brain development, Women with PCOS should be screened for mental health disorders, Vitamin D supplements could help pain management, Breast cancer risk is more affected by total body fat than abdominal fat, New nanotechnology application for difficult-to-treat cancers, The Society for Endocrinology supports the British Thyroid Association position on treating underactive thyroid, Joint statement on NHSE PrEP funding decision, Researchers may have found how high-protein diets cause weight loss, Low vitamin D levels linked to increased risk of bladder cancer, Maternal B12 deficiency may increase childs risk of type-2 diabetes, People with low oxytocin levels suffer reduced empathy, New guidance documents to tackle life-threatening endocrine emergencies, Sitting down for long periods when pregnant linked to weight gain and depression, New drug provides safer alternative to conventional IVF treatment, Society for Endocrinology response to EU referendum result, Sign-up for the latest content direct to your inbox, Sign-up for the latest Clinical Cases direct to your inbox. Privacy Examples of the Vancouver reference style are shown below. 8600 Rockville Pike Please use the authors initials to refer to each authors' competing interests in this section.,, Sign up for article alerts and news from this journal. Frumin AM, Nussbaum J, Esposito M. Functional asplenia: demonstration of splenic activity by bone marrow scan. Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports publishes case reports on common and rare conditions in all areas of clinical endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. National Training Scheme for the Use of Radioiodine in Benign Thyroid Disease 2022, National Endocrinology and Diabetes Taster Sessions, Leadership and Development Awards Programme, Share your research audits, surveys and projects, Post-Radioiodine management of Patients with Graves' Disease (PRAGMA), COVID-19 resources for managing endocrine conditions, Planning & recommendations for COVID-19 second wave, Join our equality, diversity and inclusion working group, Evidence-based recommendations on menopause management advise individualised care, Obesity-related fertility issues may be improved by correcting blood sugar levels, Dexamethasone effectively reduces COVID-19 deaths but potential diabetic-like complications should be monitored, COVID-19 pandemic associated with disruptions to women's reproductive health, New app helps parents identify treatable childhood growth disorders earlier, Discover the truth about hormones & your health in new, myth-busting podcast series, Vitamin D deficiency may impair muscle function, Obesity is linked to heavy periods and impaired womb repair, New podcast series reveals the truth about hormones and health, Increased breast cancer risk in obesity linked to fat cell chemicals, Larger thighs associated with lower risk of heart disease in obesity, High sugar diet may impair metabolic health & maternal care after pregnancy, Mindfulness helps obese children lose weight, Joint Society statement issued on cancer risk & hyperthyroidism, Moderate intensity physical activity associated with lower risk of diabetes, Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to obesity during pregnancy, Common anti-inflammatory may increase risk of diabetes, Stress with disrupted body clock increases risk of metabolic disease, New insights into cause and treatments for aggressive form of breast cancer, Age is not a barrier to the benefits of weight-loss surgery, Impaired liver function during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity, Limiting mealtimes may increase your motivation for exercise, Too much caffeine during pregnancy may damage babys liver, Strength training may reduce the risk of diabetes in obesity, Society for Endocrinology & British Thyroid Association issue statement against new treatment recommendations for subclinical hypothyroidism. Citation Impact3.263 -2-year Impact Factor(2021)3.282-5-year Impact Factor(2021)1.037 -Source Normalized Impactper Paper (SNIP)0.744 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), Speed53 days to first decision for all manuscripts (Median)164 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only (Median), Usage991,509 downloads (2021)579 Altmetric mentions (2021). Oxford: Blackwell Science; 1998. National Library of Medicine Online Publication Date: 01 Sep 2014, A novel melanoma therapy stirs up a storm: ipilimumab-induced thyrotoxicosis, Authors: Christine Yu, Inder J Chopra, and Edward Ha

Case reports submitted to BMC Endocrine Disorders should make a contribution to medical knowledge and must have educational value or highlight the need for a change in clinical practice or diagnostic/prognostic approaches. (1999). sills scott surgical endocrinology dr journal Topics include, but are not limited to, adrenal, bone, breast, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, genetics, molecular biology, multiple endocrine neoplasia, neuroendocrine tumours, obesity/diabetes, ovary, pancreas, parathyroid, pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma, pituitary, prostate, proteomics, signalling, thyroid, therapies. Saito Y, Hyuga H. Rate equation approaches to amplification of enantiomeric excess and chiral symmetry breaking. See our editorial policies for a full explanation of competing interests. This journal's articles appear in a wide range of abstracting and indexing databases, and are covered by numerous other services that aid discovery and access. They should also not contain any figures or tables. figshare. Title of subordinate document. If you would like the names of the individual members of the Group to be searchable through their individual PubMed records, please include this information in the Acknowledgements section in accordance with the instructions below, Ethics approval and consent to participate, include a statement on ethics approval and consent (even where the need for approval was waived), include the name of the ethics committee that approved the study and the committees reference number if appropriate, The datasets generated and/or analysed during the current study are available in the [NAME] repository, [PERSISTENT WEB LINK TO DATASETS]. The types of cases of interest include: novel diagnostic procedures, novel treatment, unusual effects of medical treatment, new disease or syndrome, unique/unexpected presentation of a disease or errors in diagnosis/pitfalls and caveats. Another case of milkalkali syndrome or a learning opportunity? Her CT neck scan showed an enlarged thyroid mass with pathological cervical lymphadenopathy and marked tracheal narrowing. If you wish to co-submit a data note describing your data to be published in BMC Research Notes, you can do so by visiting our submission portal. Part of Our quarterly magazine The Endocrinologist contains opinion pieces, research and practice updates and Society news for members. By data we mean the minimal dataset that would be necessary to interpret, replicate and build upon the findings reported in the article. The patient showed heterozygosity for a variant in the WNK1 gene, which typically causes Gordon syndrome; however, our patient had a normal blood pressure. Pseudohypoaldosteronism (PHA) is characterized by renal tubular resistance to aldosterone. Web links and URLs: All web links and URLs, including links to the authors' own websites, should be given a reference number and included in the reference list rather than within the text of the manuscript. Article within a journal (no page numbers). Imaging investigations revealed a large 18785140mm mass between the liver and upper pole of the right kidney which has displaced the adjacent structures. Accessed 20 May 2013. ISSN International Centre: The ISSN register. The abstract must include the following separate sections: Three to ten keywords representing the main content of the article. GigaScience Database. Society members get 40% discount on the full Article Publishing Charge. Dig J Mol Med. To our knowledge, Gitelman syndrome and primary hyperparathyroidism are an extremely rare association that is present in our case. All manuscripts must contain the following sections under the heading 'Declarations': Please see below fordetailson theinformationto be included inthesesections. Conclusion. More than half of the patients present with hormone excess manifestations such as Cushings syndrome and virilization. The most common type is non-Hodgkins lymphoma of B-cell origin, particularly diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), which is primarily treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. statement and Case reports should include relevant positive and negative findings from history, examination and investigation, and can include clinical photographs, provided these are accompanied by a statement that written consent to publish was obtained from the patient(s). Click here to find out more about the service, and your discount will be automatically be applied when using this link. Skin inflammation may increase your risk of type-2 diabetes, Antioxidants may prevent cognitive impairment in diabetes, Routine vitamin B12 screening may prevent irreversible nerve damage in type-2 diabetes, Good nutrition could protect children from cognitive difficulties caused by early-life stress, Women more resilient to extreme physical activity than previously reported, Too much vitamin A may increase risk of bone fractures, New link identified between inflammation and depression in type-1 diabetes, Brain development disorders in children linked to common environmental toxin exposures, Children born to mothers with low vitamin D levels may develop autism-like behaviours, Arthritis drug can lower sugar levels in diabetes, Potential new target for reducing osteoporosis risk in men, Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may reduce fertility of daughters, Link found between morning sickness, smoking and healthy pregnancies, High protein diets point to new anti-obesity treatments, Vitamin D may be simple treatment to enhance burn healing. This site uses cookies, tags, and tracking settings to store information that help give you the very best browsing experience. Primary thyroid lymphoma is an extremely rare thyroid malignancy that usually occurs in patients with preexisting Hashimoto thyroiditis and commonly presents in older women. present a title that includes, if appropriate, the study design e.g. Meat consumption and mortality - results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition. Slifka MK, Whitton JL. After admission, sustained ventricular tachycardia, which was refractory to antiarrhythmic agents, occurred repeatedly, and required electrical cardioversion. Endocrine neoplasias include adrenal cortex, breast, multiple endocrine neoplasia, neuroendocrine tumours, ovary, prostate, paraganglioma, parathyroid, pheochromocytoma pituitary, testes, thyroid and hormone-dependent cancers. Helpful resources for sharing your research data. A 48-year-old man who was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) due to a plakophilin 2 gene mutation developed acute both-sided heart failure with rapid atrial fibrillation and was hospitalized. London: Academic; 1980. p. 251-306. All presentations of case reports must have consent for publication. The journal publishes basic, translational and clinical research and reviews in all areas of endocrinology, including papers that deal with non-classical tissues as source or targets of hormones and endocrine papers that have relevance to endocrine-related and intersecting disciplines and the wider biomedical community. The Background section should explain the background to the case report or study, its aims, a summary of the existing literature. Wepublish cutting-edge research and best practice in the field of endocrinology through seven official journals and conference abstracts. Access Societyjournals online. Non-functional tumors usually are diagnosed incidentally following imaging studies due to a mass effect or metastatic disease. Read about our historyand how we continue to serve the endocrine community. Clinical Endocrinology publishes articles on the clinical aspects of endocrinology, including the clinical application of molecular endocrinology. : "A versus B in the treatment of C: a randomized controlled trial", "X is a risk factor for Y: a case control study", "What is the impact of factor X on subject Y: A systematic review, A case report etc. Find out more about where and how the content of this journal is available. International review of cytology. The aim of this clinical case report is to highlight the severe electrolyte imbalance PHA can present within an infant, as well as difficulties in diagnosing the condition. government site. [Reference number]. Introduction. Thorough investigations identified primary hyperparathyroidism as the primary cause of hypercalcemia. The Abstract should not exceed 350 words. You should not send the form to us on submission, but we may request to see a copy at any stage (including after publication). Smith JJ. A few days later, she experienced respiratory distress and failure that required endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Surgical resection is considered the best curative treatment for these tumors. The site is secure. Some studies demonstrate that transgender men, treated with gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT), including testosterone, have similar oocyte quantity and quality, as well as similar ovarian reserve, when compared to cisgender women, suggesting that resumption of fertility may be possible after cessation of GAHT. Histopathological evaluations revealed adrenocortical carcinoma and the patient received adjuvant radiotherapy. With the corresponding text in the Availability of data and materials statement: The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the [NAME] repository, [PERSISTENT WEB LINK TO DATASETS]. Aye Y Demir, Bas B Blok, Egbert A Brinkhuis, Christine P Oldenburg-Ligtenberg, Rahul Mishra, Ghada Elshimy, Lakshmi Kannan, Rishi Raj, Amit Nachankar, Amit Katyal, Naresh Bansal, Alka Bishnoi, Yun Xin Chin, Nivan Loganathan, Dinoo Suran Kirthinanda, Rinrada Worapongpaiboon, Mawin Vongsaisuwon, Alamin Alkundi, Rabiu Momoh, Abdelmajid Musa, Nkemjika Nwafor, Sachi Singhal, Goonja Patel, Rohan Bir Singh, Aakash Goyal, Karen Avgush, Jean Koka, Joshua Chambers, Alice Appleton, Christopher Dudley, Anna Louise Watson, Marko Matic, Thomas Robertson, Alexandra Gabrielle Ann Stewart, Olgert Bardhi, Matthew D Bloom, Maryam Sattari. 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Accessibility Gitelman syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive salt-losing tubulopathy characterized by hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, hypocalciuria, and secondary hyperaldosteronism. OnlineFirst chapter in a series (without a volume designation but with a DOI). Book chapter, or an article within a book. Online Publication Date: 27 Jan 2021, Familial GATA6 mutation causing variably expressed diabetes mellitus and cardiac and renal abnormalities, Authors: Yang Timothy Du, Lynette Moore, Nicola K Poplawski, and Sunita M C De Sousa Accessed 20 Feb 2007. Blenkinsopp A, Paxton P. Symptoms in the pharmacy: a guide to the management of common illness. Online Publication Date: 01 Feb 2015, Pancreatic -cell hyperplasia and hyperglucagonemia due to a glucagon receptor splice mutation, Authors: Etienne Larger, Nicolai J Wewer Albrechtsen, Lars H Hansen, Richard W Gelling, Jacqueline Capeau, Carolyn F Deacon, Ole D Madsen, Fumiatsu Yakushiji, Pierre De Meyts, Jens J Holst, and Erica Nishimura Case Presentation. Endocrine Connections is a society-owned open access journal offering authors the highest possible visibility for their work and stimulating cross-discipline collaboration. 2013;11:63. To our best knowledge, this is the first report in English of a patient with ARVC showing refractory arrhythmia induced by thyroid storm due to Graves disease. Case Reports in Endocrinology maintains an Editorial Board of practicing researchers from around the world, to ensure manuscripts are handled by editors who are experts in the field of study. Authors should obtain permission to acknowledge from all those mentioned in the Acknowledgements section. Not applicable. All data generated or analysed during this study are included in this published article [and its supplementary information files]. See our editorial policies for more information on consent for publication. Online Publication Date: 03 May 2019. 1999. of subordinate document. Dataset identifiers including DOIs should be expressed as full URLs. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders will consider visual abstracts. By using this website, you agree to our JCEM Case Reports will be peer reviewed, online-only, open access, with editorial independence while at the same time advancing a coordinated publishing strategy with the Societys other journals to benefit the Societys publishing program and broader mission. The datasets generated and/or analysed during the current study are not publicly available due [REASON WHY DATA ARE NOT PUBLIC] but are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request. SeeGeneral formatting guidelinesfor information on how to format figures, tables and additional files. An official website of the United States government. Always use footnotes instead of endnotes. A laboratory workup revealed hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, hypercalcemia, and a high parathyroid hormone level. Clinical implications of dysregulated cytokine production. Data are however available from the authors upon reasonable request and with permission of [third party name]. Case reports should include an up-to-date review of all previous cases in the field. Here are some useful resources to help: Get free advice from our research data help desk, Find a recommended repository for your data, Join our Research Data Community to keep up to date with the latest advice and resources. Non-diabetic euglycaemic ketoacidosis and rapid weight loss in a post-traumatic surgical patient: is the outr preventable? Please acknowledge anyone who contributed towards the article who does not meet the criteria for authorship including anyone who provided professional writing services or materials. She underwent open adrenalectomy and right nephrectomy due to severe adhesion of the mass. Cell death: the significance of apoptosis. If any of the sections are not relevant to your manuscript, please include the heading and write 'Not applicable' for that section. For more information, see sharing sensitive information, make sure youre on a federal Patient was treated with IVF and NaCl supplementation to normalize the electrolytes. Data citations should include a persistent identifier (such as a DOI) and should ideally be included in the reference list. This case report demonstrated the dramatic response of a large thyroid lymphoma to R-CHOP therapy, reducing the thyroid size and its fatal obstructive complications, including mechanical airway obstruction, within a few days of the initiation of R-CHOP therapy. You may choose to use this section to include any relevant information about the author(s) that may aid the reader's interpretation of the article, and understand the standpoint of the author(s). We are committed to supporting researchers in sharing your research data, and getting the credit you deserve. More opportunities to publish your research: Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology, Journal Article Publishing Support Center. 2011. All manuscripts must include an Availability of data and materials statement. *List price excluding taxes. 1998. Hormonal evaluations detected high levels of cortisol and adrenal androgens. Technique studies including Omics, CRISPR or gene editing are also encouraged, provided they are set within a larger endocrinology context. If you don't change your settings, we'll assume you're happy with this. Footnotes can be used to give additional information, which may include the citation of a reference included in the reference list. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. Rohrmann S, Overvad K, Bueno-de-Mesquita HB, Jakobsen MU, Egeberg R, Tjnneland A, et al. Doe J. Note this section should not be used to describe any competing interests. The submitted manuscript must include a statement that this consent was obtained in the consent to publish section as detailed in our editorial policies. For 100 years, the Endocrine Society has been at the forefront of hormone science and public health.