All rights reserved. Restaurant Backflow Preventer Inspection Requirements? Backflow preventer inspection and testing are both necessary because preventers are mechanical devices under incredible amounts of pressure. $,1: h[6JR8g70u40x40ht0Y,@Rj420kl@, Ps=ds,V`a+f;zO5Y g6@ 5 Your water backflow preventer must be in proper working order. By opening the inspectors test connection, there may be another 50 gpm flowing in addition to whats flowing through the main drain. hb```9.B eas;~10 All other metered connections (Excluding Single Family or Duplex Residential). 531 0 obj <>stream Restaurants potential cross-connections that require a backflow prevention device: All these potential water hazards are the reason water backflow preventer inspections are vital to your business. This work involves the backflow preventer and the piping five feet before and five feet after the backflow preventer. Perhaps the next edition of NFPA 25, which is currently in a revision cycle, will finally clarify this requirement. By flowing the maximum flow rate possible when a means hasnt been provided. 2. The cost of having your backflow preventer inspected varies based on your location and the companies you may choose from. Another concern is a buildup of corrosion and mineral deposits within the device. Leverage the most sophisticated code compliance platform. It does not constitute professional advice. The fire sprinkler industry has had concerns about using backflow preventers in fire protection systems since they were first required. Backflow is bad news. Inspection and testing shall comply withSections. Charlotte Water will be assessing approved regulatory fees for Backflow compliance as follows: Backflow Plan Review: for each project, which requires aninstallation of a new backflow preventer or the alteration of an existing one. The information on this website is for informational purposes only; it is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Unifours professional inspection and testing can be accompanied by replacements or repairs as needed. However, no specific means has ever been described in NFPA 13, even though several recommendations were made to require 2 1/2-inch hose valves to be installed for testing purposes. Backflow installation workmust be conducted by a licensed irrigation contractor. height from relief port to the ground 12" andmax. While the information has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee its total accuracy, and it should not be considered legally binding advice. According to the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA), the EPA holds each municipality accountable for its own water purity, therefore commercial backflow preventer inspection requirements, testing and pricing may differ slightly by region, however, typical inspection requirements include the following: When it comes to backflow device inspections, it is important for you to know that a licensed fire protection sprinkler inspector can legally inspect your backflow preventors, but a backflow inspector cannot, by code, inspect your sprinkler system. Two standards published by the National Fire Protection Association prescribe the requirements for the installation of backflow prevention assemblies (NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems) and the ongoing inspection, testing and maintenance of them after installation (NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems). If youre looking for backflow preventer inspection and testing in the Southeastfrom Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC and beyondcontactUnifour Fire & Safety today! 704.432.5800. The 1994 edition of NFPA 13 recognized that when a new sprinkler system was installed, it must include a means downstream of a backflow preventer to perform the forward-flow test required annually by NFPA 25. Unifour places immense value on bringing our patrons the best service in the industry. Through the subsequent editions of NFPA 25, the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for backflow preventers gradually changed to the point where today, there is a great deal of confusion about what is required and how to perform the forward-flow test. Do you need to schedule inspection and testing for your backflow prevention system in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or another area in the Southeast? Information posted in our blog is merely for educational and informational purposes. backflow protection avoided requirements For 11/2" to 2" Piping Material: Type K or Type L Copper Tubing or Galv. Unifour Fire & Safety is licensed and highly knowledgeable and can provide all of the backflow inspections services you need. I would highly recommend you to use Unifour Fire and Safety for your annual inspections.. To request a backflow inspection, call See details and services for this location. 704.336.3829. schedule the Charlotte Water backflow inspection, contact Backflow Prevention at 704-391-5188. Steel Pipe, For 2 " to 12" Piping Material: Ductile Iron Pipe(minimum pressure Class 350), Type K or Type L Copper Tubing, Correct type assembly installed as required by Charlotte Water, All backflows 1" and greater in size require a minimum of 4" thick concrete pad All backflow smaller than 1" requires a minimum of 4" thick washed stone, Above-ground Installations need an insulated cover meeting ASSE 1060 requirements, If it is an RP, the cover should provide drainage per Charlotte Water requirements. Checking to ensure backflow preventer is installed according to code and adequate for your structures water supply needs. Pollution of Restaurant Water Systems. When a standard check valve was used to prevent backflow, the inspection and maintenance requirements in NFPA 25 were virtually the same as they are today. Why Your Restaurant Needs a Commercial Backflow Preventer. These requirements are fairly straightforward; compliance should be achievable without too much confusion or second-guessing. The purpose of a water backflow preventer is to ensure when water enters your restaurant water systems from the main water supply, it should only ever flow IN. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Suggestions were made of what the means could be, including a bypass around the fire departments connection check valve. In that edition, it was suggested, as it was in NFPA 13, that a bypass around the fire department connection with a normally closed control valve or a closed loop around the backflow assembly with a flow meter could be used. height from bottom of the assembly to the ground 12" and max 30", "-1", 8" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 4" from other side, 11/2"-2", 12" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 6" from other side, 2"-12", 30" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 12" from other side, Inside building (special approval needed), '-2", 30" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 6" from other side. Don't miss relevant code. Fees will be collected along with other fees in the building permit fees collection process.

This BSA becomes a Charlotte Water backflow permit request to install the backflow preventer. When you run a busy restaurant, there a few general indicators of a broken backflow preventer you need to watch for. To protect against chemical and biological contamination of your water supply, backflow preventer testing and inspection are required by the National Fire Protection Associationand usually your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). A reliable and up-to-date source of codes. When you work with a company that provides all fire and water services, it is convenient to test them along with your other regularly scheduled NFPA fire protection and safety inspections. Where multiple sprinkler systems are downstream of a backflow preventer, all drain valves and test connections should be opened simultaneously to generate the maximum flow rate possible. Assessing valves for proper and adequate operation. Backflow Inspection: for each inspection required for newly installed, relocated, or replacement backflow installations. There was an exception provided that when sufficient size outlets werent available to flow the system demand, the test was to be conducted at the maximum flow rate possible. endstream endobj 501 0 obj <. An internal inspection must be performed at least once every five years to ensure the internal components are in good condition, move freely and operate correctly. In other words, if the means to flow the system demand through the backflow preventer isnt provided, the forward-flow test should be conducted by flowing as much water as possible through the device. backflow Each year I have received great service from the office staff that schedules these inspections all the way to the service technicians that come out to perform these inspections. In circumstances where the backflow prevention device should be inspected annually, be sure to partner with a backflow trained and licensed professional who has plenty of experience in the area. First, each one had to be tested annually for backflow capabilities. The current 2020 edition of NFPA 25 includes the following requirements related to the periodic inspection, testing and maintenance of backflow preventers: A weekly inspection is required for reduced-pressure backflow assemblies to ensure the differential-sensing valve relief port isnt continuously discharging. In some places, such as Ohio, businesses (and some residences) with commercial sprinkler systems are forced to have their backflow prevention assemblies tested annually by a certified backflow inspector. Now that you know how vital restaurant water backflow preventers and cross-connection devices are to the safety of your customers, staff, and business, you can see why AIE recommends backflow prevention inspectionsoccur more often than backflow inspection requirements. This potential problem is whybackflow testing is crucial for your restaurants or business. 40 PVC (conforming to ASTM D1785, pressure rated for water, using 1120 PVC compounds). The flow rate (gpm), the inlet pressure (psi) and the outlet pressure (psi) had to be measured so the friction loss across the backflow device could be calculated. The appendix of NFPA 25 explained that the forward-flow test could be accomplished by flowing water through a yard hydrant, a fire pump test header or standpipe hose connections, through the fire department connection after reversing the check valve, or through a small hand hose or other outlets that will discharge sufficient flow. Installation requirements and standard details are available online. backflow fire protection preventer preventers facility services sprinkler pumps However, sometimes a pressure change in the line can occur from a water main break, power outage, or an open fire hydrant, leaving the potential for water to flow backwards and seep into the main water supply line. Both include a mechanical backflow preventer essentially, a physical barrier to the backflow. In the 1998 edition, the requirement to calculate the friction loss across the device was deleted. Charlotte Water will be assessing fees on projects which trigger compliance enforcement of Article IV of Chapter 23, Charlotte City Code.

Backflow preventers should be visually inspected daily and monthly to ensure pressure detectors, control valves, and double check valves are in proper working order and set correctly. Pollution of Restaurant Water Systems. Below-ground Installations requires a vault with a concrete or stone bottom, All vaults must have drains according to Charlotte Water requirements, Make sure you meet all minimum required clearances, For Reduced Pressure Principle Assemblies: Installed upright horizontal - aboveground outside zoning setback according to Charlotte Water standard details; Min.

In order to make sure contaminants from animal feces, pesticides and fertilizers aren't getting into your drinking water, however, it's critical to partner with a company that's been around for a long time and has a stable of experienced certified backflow professionals at its beck and call. For dry pipe systems, this would include opening only the main drain valve. However, due to the multitudes of additional systems, co-operative plumbing networks, and other supply lines in your business, backflow is a very serious and real threat. backflow We use cookies to provide you with a better experience. Copyright 2006-2022 Roto-Rooter. For general backflow questions, please contact Backflow Prevention at Code calculators automatically generate a detailed list of requirements. %%EOF Please be patient as review times and response times may be longer than anticipated. Our helpful, in-house customer care team is available, 24/7/365. All available services, hours of operations, pricing structure, and guarantees may vary by location. Not sure if you have a backflow device or what the purpose is? **In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and to ensure the health and welfare of Charlotte Water IDS Staff as well as to our customers, we are shifting to remote meetings when feasible and in-person meeting requests will be reviewed by necessity. Its the exception when a means hasnt been provided that confuses. Code Calculators automatically generates a detailed list of requirements. List of Approved Testers - (updated periodically). Ensure Water Safety with Backflow Inspections & Cross-Connection, The Complete Guide to Special Hazard Systems Fire Protection for Your Business. During this adjustment, please direct all plan review, inspection, and permit fees by mail to:600 East Trade Street, Suite 20,Charlotte, NC 28202. For a wet pipe system, this would include opening the main drain valve and the inspectors test connection to generate the maximum flow rate possible. All available services, hours of operations, pricing structure, and guarantees may vary by location. Contact us for complete details. After the inspection, an initial test of the backflow assembly is required, and the original test form must be submitted, (Fax) 704.632.8362, or mail: Charlotte Water c/o Account Services - Backflow 5100 Brookshire Blvd.Charlotte, NC 28216. 1. When testing the device, the backflow certified plumber will first turn off the downstream shut-off valve and wait for a few minutes, and then hell test the pressure in the system by hooking up test kit hoses. Once installed and the Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement inspection is completed and "passed", contact Charlotte Water (CLTWater) for an inspection of backflow prevention assembly. That test usually required the inspector to be certified by the manufacturer to meet the local plumbing code requirements. This exception has carried through in all subsequent editions, which today is the cause of some confusion. And to ensure they continue to operate not only properly but also optimally, you need inspection services that are comprehensive and administered by certified experts. All rights reserved. 704.391.5188 or

Inspect and test after any repair, replacement, or relocation of the backflow prevention assembly. 2. Rapidly and efficiently calculate project parameters. It will be important to coordinate activities to minimize conflicts with the open ditch. Questions are constantly being raised on how to perform this test on a sprinkler system that doesnt include a test header, as a fire pump does, or hose connections, as a standpipe system. For many years, the separation between the stagnant water in a sprinkler system and a potable water supply was accomplished by a single check valve on the fire protection system's water supply line. One method commonly used before exceptions were added to the standard was to drain the system down, reverse the check valve on the fire department connection and flow out through the FDC. Both of these suggestions are relatively expensive to install if not included in the original system installation.

Code Enforcement will inspect the work and release the permit holds it controls. Therefore, you can save time and money by hiring AIEs sprinkler inspector to also inspect your backflow preventers when performing your annual certifications. Highlight differences between any two building codes. As part of the permitting and/or meter application process with Charlotte Water, a Backflow Service Application (BSA) will be required to be completed and returned with appropriate documents and/or fees. To inquire about obtaining approval and/or permits from Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Department, call Get everyone on the same page and streamline code research. Its up to the ingenuity of the person performing the annual flow test to determine the means available to actually measure the flow. How to Identify Broken Backflow Devices in Restaurant Water Systems. Section states, Where connections do not permit verification of the [forward-flow] test at the minimum flow rate of system demand, tests shall be conducted at the maximum flow rate possible.. Weve been providing top-notch fire protection and backflow prevention services in the Southeast for decades. Without properly operating backflow preventers, your water can be exposed to dangerous chemicals, harmful natural gas, and even potentially fatal substances. However, in the 1970s, many water supply purveyors and the plumbing codes began requiring backflow prevention devices on those water supply lines.

See a Whether it comes in the form of backpressure backflow or backflow siphonage, the unfortunate occurrence of non-potable water streaming back into the usable water supply is a serious potential health crisis situation. Maintenance for a backflow preventer is to be performed by a qualified person, follow the manufacturers instructions and comply with the authority having jurisdictions and local jurisdictions policies. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing Requirements Guide. The 1992 edition of NFPA 25, which is the first edition of that standard, required that check valves be internally inspected once every five years. Currently, inspection services will continue as scheduled.

In the 2014 edition, a requirement was added for an internal inspection of backflow preventers once every five years, except if it was performed during annual maintenance for the device. endstream endobj startxref For " to 1" Piping Material: Type K or Type L Copper Tubing, 1" min. However, water doesnt flow through a fire protection system unless theres a fire event or unless flow testing is being performed. Checking the rubber, plastic, and metal components for signs of wear, disrepair, or aging. Commercial backflow preventer issues can be subtle yet dangerous, so be sure to make backflow testing part of your overall life-safety plan. Weve been handling inspection and testing for decades, and we can guarantee your safety and satisfaction with our services!

A meter will be required to pass inspection. Sometimes the signs of a broken backflow prevention device are not as obvious as a backflow preventer leaking, but can still cause prolonged bouts of chronic illness, which is why regular backflow inspections and testing by a certified backflow testerare critical to the health of your customers, staff, and restaurant. Inspection requests for both installations should be coordinated to minimize delays. An open ditch is needed for the inspection. To prevent this undesirable circumstance, abackflow prevention device is required, in addition to regular checkups. Once the work has passed inspection, the meter will be activated by the Charlotte Water backflow inspector. 704.391.5188 to verify the status of a Backflow Hold or to schedule a backflow inspection. If below ground, device must be installed in vault with a concrete or stone bottom and provide for drainage to free atmosphere. Dirty water and soap from sinks and dishwashers, other solid waste from drains and disposals, human waste, and chemical cleaning agents can back up into the communitys water supply and potentially make people ill. 2. Today, the forward-flow test should be easy to comply with, especially for newer sprinkler systems installed following the 1999 and later editions of NFPA 13. At Unifour, our specialists are fully licensed and capable of providing the testing and inspection services you need to stay safe! Subscribe to our newsletters & stay updated, Acceptance Testing of Fire and Life Safety Systems, AGF Manufacturing to Sponsor, Present PHCPPros Webinar: "Corrosion and Freeze Protection in Fire Sprinkler Systems", ASSE International Publishes Revised Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensing Systems with Integral Backflow Protection, SFPE Forum on Fire Protection Engineering: Challenges in Storage, Watts "Hydraulics of Backflow Detector Assemblies Type 1 & 2" Webinar, Inspecting, Testing Backflow Preventers Used in Fire Protection Systems, Indoor Ice Rinks: Design Considerations for High-Performance Ice, Do Compact Plumbing Systems Actually Work? email our backflow team. 40 PVC pipe, Sch. Galv. If your commercial backflow preventer stops working and there is a pressure change, backflow of water could lead to serious problems. The quarterly main drain test will lift the check valves but dont prove they will open fully should the system demand rate flow through the backflow preventer in a fire event.

Most likely, your restaurant has at least one commercial backflow prevention device located within the water pipes to ensure water only flows one way, preventing drinking water from being contaminated due to backflow. In this article you will learn: It is imperative that it remain in working order to protect your customers, staff, and community. In my opinion, all reasonable efforts should be made to flow the system demand rate through the backflow preventer annually. This edition also includes the forward-flow testing requirement and allows it to be conducted in one of two ways: 1. After the inspection, an initial test of the backflow assembly is required and the original test form must be submitted to 2022 Unifour Fire & Safety and its licensors. When your backflow prevention device is working, it stops this from happening. If you have any questions about your restaurants backflow preventers, contact us today. Using our comprehensive knowledge, highly trained experts, and cutting-edge technology, we can bring you the best when it comes to backflow preventer installation, inspection, and testing. A reduced pressure type had to be inspected weekly to ensure it wasnt constantly discharging water through the differential sensing-line relief port. When using PVC, vertical support at backflow assembly will be required and horizontal support is recommended. 0 Why You Need a Backflow Prevention Device? In order to prevent backflow siphonage, which is the reversal of a normal septic system flow, you should have professionals determine the pressure within your plumbing and see if it's in any danger of causing a problem like this. A quarterly main drain test downstream of the backflow preventer must be performed when its installed in the sole water supply for the water-based fire protection system. The plumber is basically looking for areas where the pressure isn't what it should be. This is a more direct threat to your customers and staff, especially when backflow impurities go undetected and people become sick. This column isnt going to resolve this issue. It is also important to understand the potential signs of a broken backflow preventer to avoid contaminated water in your restaurant. At Unifour,yourneeds are always our top priority, and we will stay on the job until your expectations are exceeded! 2022 Alternatives in Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved. When you own or manage a restaurant, water backflow prevention is critical to avert drinking water contamination of restaurant water systems. Backflow testing, therefore, is a critical part of the annual maintenance you should undertake for your business. Performing water-included stress tests and a test run to ensure your backflow preventers are performing appropriately. Dangerous water can get into your restaurants drinking water sources and beverage systems, sinks and kitchen areas anywhere there are water lines cross-connected to a potable water system. 30" Inside Building / Partially Buried Vault (special approval needed), "-2", 30" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 6" from other side2" -12", 30" from wall or any obstruction on the side utilized for testing and 12" from other sideAll, 4" from wall to shut off valveAll, Floor drain or air-gap drain, For Double Check Valve Assemblies: Must be Installed upright horizontal - above or below ground; outside zoning setback if above ground according to Charlotte Water standard details. Does this exception meet the intent of the forward-flow test, or should additional effort be made to flow and measure the system demand rate? 800-892-9863. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Contamination of Public Drinking Water. Once Code Enforcement's inspection is completed, Charlotte Water will inspect the RP backflow assembly and activate the meter upon acceptance. 1. Leverage the full code compliance platform.

Backflow preventers also require an annual function test and may have other requirements based on your location. What should you expect during such an inspection?, (Fax) 704-632-8362, or mail: Call Charlotte Water Backflow Inspections at All information is subject to change at any time without notice. The internal components such as the clapper and clapper seat were to be cleaned, repaired or replaced when necessary to meet the manufacturers instructions. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. To inquire about fees and obtaining a metered connection with Charlotte Water, call 311 (locally) or704.432.2854 and ask for "New Services".

Unifour Fire & Safety has been bringing superior service and quality to our consumers for over 30 years. All backflow prevention devices must be tested once a year. Contamination of Public Drinking Water. Second, a forward-flow test through the assembly had to be conducted annually at the water-based fire protection system's design flow rate, including hose streams.