upwind. This program is sectioned into different skill levels that can be achieved by students during their learning process. requiresaFee and strict rules compliance, 6767 CRANDON BLVD - NORTH BEACH, WATERSPORTS CONCESSION KEY BISCAYNE, FL 33149. I highly recommend SAK for anyone looking to get into kiteboarding! What if I fall? 305-432-1355. If youre brand new to kite boarding, take the time to check out our site. After 10 hours, most people will be riding downwind in both directions. In addition, our instructors are mature, polite, and always encouraging. Would you like more info about kiteboarding lessons or boat rentals? Wind Addict is the premier kiteboarding school in Miami, Florida. structured yet flexible to my individual needs in gaining my competence. Your guide to kite shops and schools in your area! Dale was an excellent, patient teacher and we will be returning soon for our follow up lessons! Every lesson progresses at your pace. Fort Walton Looking forward to continuing with Dale and the team next season again! Weve gathered information on every kite spot on Floridas 1,197 miles of coastline. We learned SO much and quickly progressed thanks to Dale and his team. Purchase and fly a trainer kite before the lesson to get an understanding of steering and the wind window. He was knowledgeable, patient, insightful on ways for us to improve our technique. Oh, but darling, what if you fl, Back to where it all begantheres just someth, Only 3 spots left! Our spot guides include information on rideable wind directions, weather patterns, directions to location, hazards, local regulations and restrictions, and required certification or recommended skill level. Kiteboarding lessons are highly recommended for learning this sport. Taking a lesson with Kiss The Sky Kiteboarding: Kiss The Sky Kiteboarding. We take safety very seriously.

This unique characteristic allows us to maximize the number of days we spend on the water. UpWind Kiteboarding,Inc has full accident and third party liability insurance. Text +1-561-677-0323 Be part of the largest Kiteboarder Family in Miami! I've had a few kiteboard lessons in my life, but SA Kitesurf was the most phenomenal.

I was able to progress more in three days than I had with other schools in the past. Located on Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the area offers beginner friendly shallow conditions in the bay and no matter which direction the wind is blowing, there are always places to get out on the water and learn to kiteboard! Our next season will begin early November. Steve Sipes 2009. Offering daily kiteboarding lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced kiters by boat to the absolute best shallow-water location for lessons. Kiteboarding lessons are weather and wind dependent and depending on the direction of the wind, we operate our lessons on the either the West or East side of the North Sunshine Skyway Bridge Rest Area. My husband and I took the introductory course from Dale, as learning to kite board is on my bucket list. Only prior experience I have had related to kiteboarding was flying a trainer kite. Some of our best advertising comes from our former students. Spend a week in sunny South Florida learning how to kite! radio to each other as we rode. The meditative state you achieve after riding for the first time will be experienced by everyone that is.

EXPLORE, We're still discovering new kites spots in the Florida Panhandle! First of all kiteboarding is a sport that is attainable for all ages and walks of life. We operate our kiteboarding lessons 7 days a week in the Tampa bay area at the North Skyway Beach, whenever it's windy. The Ultimate Rider course is our full season pass, The idea is, by the end of the season you'll be a kiteboarding hero! Our instructors are qualified through the Kiteboarder Certification program and hold Instructor / Master Instructor level certification, US Coast Guard Captains License, and Emergency First Responder certification. Dale and Erika are the best! Finally decided to go for it. Hes thorough, knowledgeable and patient which really gave me confidence. These guys are true professionals. Like kiting downwind? In our lessons we make sure each student is thoroughly taught all safety precautions and has a good understanding of them before we advance the lesson. Dale was an excellent instructor and had me up and riding in two lessons! I had a blast and I will go back to him in the future for a deeper understanding of the sport. Instructors are patient, knowledgeable and skilled. Was my first time trying to kite surf it was lots of fun and I would recommend it 10/10. Dale was great! WSK believes in teaching on a one-on-one basis, helping the student get the most out of their kite boarding lesson. He got me up and riding in just a few lessons. You'll be blown away by the gentle wind and gorgeous beaches in the Florida Keys. people whove tried the rest and ended up with the best! Your Jupiter Kiteboarding newsletter subscription has been successful. We had so much fun with SAK! He has the ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in your current skills as a base to get you to the next level. Lessons in SA Kitesurf is a great group to train with. All the info you need on kiteboarding in Florida in your pocket! Our instructors are without question the most experienced kiteboarders in Florida. Most importantly Dale was. First lesson you will kite and feel the shear power that Mother Nature can produce. We'll do the rest for you! EXPLORE. Within the first. Check out the testimonial page to hear from How your sports background will help you learn to kiteboard. All Rights Reserved. Get on the water now with our spot guide featuring details on every kite spot in Florida! My fianc and I had a ton of fun taking Kitesurfing lessons with Dale! The season brings us wind between October and May, so while much of the United States is cold and snowy, St. Petersburg experiences perfect conditions for kiteboarding. So if you have no kiteboarding experience or if you just want to improve your riding skills, WIND STALKERS KITEBOARDING has the safe and fun environment that you've been looking for! Everything about our experience was great. #tandemkiteboardin, These two will be kiting together in no time! Will be back for more. Learning on quality gear is one of. Each student is different and each student learns at different rates. adventurous enough to pursue it. SA is awesome. Had a few lessons with these guys and Dale kills it as an instructor! Dale is a very patient and great instructor. With Dale's instructions he was riding on the board in both directions and had best time ever! facebook : upwind kiteboardinginstagram: upwindkiteboarding. tons of information on kite boarding gear, local Florida conditions, and costs associated with the sport. Location is great. kiteboarding lesson with a qualified instructor will get you on the water faster and keep you and those around Ive been looking to try kitesurfing for a while. We offer great beginner lessons that will have you hooked on kiteboarding!

Whether you are traveling to Florida for an extreme Kiteboarding vacation, looking to get into the sport by taking lessons, or just looking for a new place to kiteboard, kitesurf, power kite or land kite Kiteboarding Florida is here to help. He also surprised me by showing up on a jetski to pull me back. I have no regrets! East Coast Kiteboarding School is the premiere kiteboarding center in Florida. Your newsletter subscription could not be saved. Towel, sunscreen, change of dry clothes, and whatever else you'll need for 3 hours at the beach. There aren't. Our goal is to teach you all the skills necessary to become a self-sufficient, safe, and confident kiteboarder. I found him to have a sincere interest in helping me improve my skills. By the end of the day Dale had me up for a few short rides. Let us help you choose the right course. Massive thank you! He will take you through the basic terminologies and discuss the predominant winds for kiteboarding. Kiteboarding/Kitersurfing is a great sport for everyone! to ride in Florida and where we give lessons give us a call.

Usually you have to pay quite a bit extra to bring one of those into a lesson. The Gulf Coast is an exciting kitesurfing He was knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and a pleasure to be around. Dale was very knowledgeable, patient, and fun to spend the afternoon with. In addition to a great personality, humorous, and knowledgeable, he has many great tips to. Had an excellent session with Dale, starting from scratch covering the essentials through to more technical skills, hands on from the start and progressed at a pace that was challenging but. I had a superb refresher lesson with Dale at the St. Pete's location. UPWINDKITEBOARDING.COM. South Florida. Super safe and so much fun! He is super knowledgeable and is great at teaching all skill levels and catering to all learning styles. Because we need wind to teach a lesson. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn kiting in the Tampa Bay area. Our instructors are certified . Our instructors have the make the learning level as fun as possible and instruct the student in such a way that he or she can get on the water as quickly and as safely as possible. Just, How is this place real?! We got our first real rides with Dale. Although we enjoy the company of our students and want you to come back, it makes us very happy to see you come back as an experienced, no-lesson kiter. We take extra care insuring, Florida is one of the best places in the world to learn to kiteboard. If youre an intermediate rider, East Coast Kiteboarding can help take your riding to the next level, whether its CONTENT COPYRIGHT 2015. Just two, Want to learn more about our Kite N Sail trip i, The time has come to secure your spot on our luxur, The Spring season is on in Florida! PASA Certified Kiteboard Instruction on Florida's Gulf Coast. When I'm ready for jumps and tricks - I know who I'm calling for guidance. I live in one of the most popular kiteboarding areas in the US and have experience with several other kiteschools. took a lesson. Welcome to our tropical paradise Beach Lounge, just relax and lay back, we service all your needs. Learning to kite on your own can be a frustrating, dangerous, and expensive experience. My daughter rides less frequently so she. Offering daily trips for experienced kiters, by boat, to our world-famous shallow-water location. Wind Addict will make you live an unforgettable experience in the water. We're looking forward to booking more lessons with Dale. If youre brand new to the sport we offer comprehensive beginner kiteboarding lessons that will get you up and riding quickly and safely. AncoraThemes2022. Rent one of our boats and spend an amazing day with your friends or family, from $600 for half day experience (5 hours). I always had wanted to kitesurf and Dale McCann of SA Kitesurfing had been able to make that wish a reality. I would definitely. fine-tune your kiting. Naples Beach - Marco island - Cape Romano - Islamorada - Tiger tail, 239-601-2700 , NAPLES / MARCO ISLAND FLORIDA, KITEBOARDING - PADDLE BOARD -KAYAK - UMBRELLAS & CHAIRS, Marco island - Naples - Cape Romano - Tiger Tail - Islamorada. This can usually be accomplished in 3 to 5 lessons. we offer comprehensivekiteboarding lessonsthat will get you up and riding quickly and safely. Scroll to check out the b, When you do things from your soul, you feel a r, And suddenly you just know its time to start. riding overpowered, adding hang time to your jumps, or wave riding with style. I had several lessons and was able to learn how to ride, transition, and even started learning some tricks at the end! Don't worry! I highly recommend reaching out. Join us on a kiteboarding downwinder and learn why staying up wind is for the birds. Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton. I had an AMAZING time learning the ropes and will be coming back for more in the future. 1500 N US HWY 1Jupiter, FL 33469 Get your lessons ear, Ends of seasons are always bittersweet! Dale was an excellent instructor. They got me riding both ways in just a few lessons. All rights reserved. Thanks to him, I'm ready to get back out and feel confident about it. Dale was a fabulous instructor. There is a spot I highly recommend SA Kitesurf over any other school if you want a personal experience with well-qualified instructors. EXPLORE, Northeast Florida has some excellent kiteboarding spots offering everything from flat water to waves. We have everything you need to know about kite spots, wind direction, water conditions, hazards, tips, and more. SA Kitesurf went out of their way to accommodate me to make my lessons efficient and fun. All Rights Reserved. For total beginners we recommend either the Get Independent course or our Confident Rider course. I just took a refresher lesson with this company, because i was having trouble progressing in the sport. All you need is a little finesse, a positive attitude and a strong desire to progress. I enjoyed my lessons with SA Kitesurf so much that I decided to take a trip to Florida for some spring lessons to get a jump on the. We also provide wetsuits on the colder days and booties if you don't have your own. Dale was knowledgeable, experienced instructor. Great. hour, i was better and more confident than ever before. Share your email here (or emails us at windaddictllc@gmail.com). My son and I just took an intro lesson and had an absolutely fantastic time! You don't need to do your lessons all at once, but we do recommend scheduling them as close together as possible for a faster progression. We have beginner lessons, intermediate lessons and advanced lessons. super patient and helped me feel confident out on the water. Theres a lot to learn about kitesurfing and you can trust SAKitesurf to teach you! Our fully qualified instructors have served their apprenticeship in the waters around Key West. up with the best gear at the lowest possible price. experience to build your skills and help you reveal your true potential. Dale did a great job instructing me on my first kite surfing lesson. Central Florida is packed with amazing kitesurfing spots, and is arguably one of the best kiteboarding destinations in Florida. As parent, I. especially appreciate Dale's professionalism, flexibility and great communication. Located in SW Florida , wind stalkers kiteboarding has the perfect location for any beginner to learn and progress safely with only the best International Kiteboarding Organization certified instructors. Every lesson is scheduled by our instructors on days that work for both parties. Most importantly, they take safety of everyone on and off the. All rights reserved. Dale was a great instructor and made it a lot of fun. experience, good instruction. individualised to maximise learning and application! Loving, I first took lessons from Dale in Lyle, Washington where I live. A lesson from a certified instructor is a must, because of the unique challenges this sport presents. Learning to Kiteboard with SAK was a blast! Our rates include captain, refreshments and fuel (and no surprises!). Yes, it is an extreme sport, and injury is a possibility, but we can show you how to safely learn the different aspects of it, from understanding the wind and the equipment to learning kite flying and board skills! as you can be 300 yds off shore and still be only thigh deep. Highly recommend SAK if you are looking to get into kiting! Check out our team, Experience means nothing if the instructor cant communicate with the student. From wide sandy beaches to endless, We use new, top of the line kites and boards from North Kiteboarding.

For Kitesurfing Lessons Call or Text us anytime at (850)376-1232. Tons of fun learning from the ground up this season. Following the IKO standars we will guide you all the way from beginner to advanced. Dale turned me into an independent kiter in no time. Surrounded by Palm trees and white sandy beaches, St. Petersburg, Florida is a primo spot to learn to kiteboard! Learning to kiteboard is fun and exciting but having the right experienced instructor will make all the difference in your learning experience and your progression. We eat, breath, sleep, and dream kiteboarding and love to share our knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragements. We are not just a Kite school, we are a watersports center. All Rights Reserved. You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly. The FAQs and articles pages have tons of information on kite boarding gear, local Florida conditions, and costs associated with the sport. Biscayne Bay, Crandon Park, North Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach, Dania Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Copyright Kiteboarding Florida. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach you this awesome sport. There are great kiteboarding launch areas Had a great time. Dale has a great setup with jet ski and radio communication. Weve got you covered. I had the opportunity to learn to kitesurf with 2 sessions in Lyle WA east of Hood River and just completed my 3rd near the Skyway in St Pete FL with Dale. Thre, Ever wonder what its like to have boat support, (Swipe to) Meet the SAK family! Definitely looking forward to more lessons! The lesson was a lot of fun and we cannot wait to do it again! If you have wakeboarding or snowboarding experience, you'll probably progress faster than someone who has had no experience at all.