The long-lasting tip is dependable and durable, while the robust aluminum body is strong and looks great! If you are a teacher and you want to write on mark student assignments, you wont be very pleased with this type of Chromebook pen. An active stylus contains internal electronics that communicate with your device. You usually have to really dig through the technical specs for your device model number. 30-Day Money Back Return Policy: Products purchased directly from BoxWave Corporation are eligible how do i know what system my computer has? They say no stylus will work, but the OS seems to have stylus support. USI is a group of companies (Google, Lenovo, Bic, Dell Wacom, and more) who are working together to develop a set of rules that govern how digital pens and devices work together (kind of like how USB makes it easy to plug stuff in to your computer). However, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 is $350 and it is the Best Chromebook for students because it's durable but not overpriced or under-spec'd. EMR pens are AWESOME!

For UK see So which do you prefer: the lower-priced, better looking C340-11 or the rough-and-tumble C214? published 24 January 20. Ive been using a XP-Pen Deco Fun ( ) for the past year with my lenovo chrombook, Its much better than using my touchpad. ASUS also has a model with a built-in stylus, which is great if you like to write notes in an app or sketch in an app like Chrome Canvas or Infinite Painter, but I'm not sure it'll be worth the $50 upgrade for you. [HIGH QUALITY] The Bullet Capacitive Stylus is made with the highest QUALITY silicone and aluminum materials. Touch the stylus to the screen and move it around. Just purchased an HP X360 Chromebook 14a-ca0030wm. I recommend the Noris Digital Stylus. Required fields are marked *. Returns sent in without an RMA may be ineligible for a refund or exchange. Note: You cant use Bluetooth styluses with Chromebooks. New York, A capacitive stylus will work with any touchscreen device, but the results arent very inspiring. It's also one of the better-looking rubberized black Chromebooks out there. The Lenovo is definitely the more affordable of the two, especially for a 32GB model, but ASUS justifies the extra cost with extra protection and life-proofing of the C214, especially if you're looking for a Chromebook to buy your kid for homework or to use when school's out for summer. You can get them for free (just visit your favorite vendor at an edtech conference), or find them on Amazon for just a few dollars. I hope that the cost will come down as these pens become more common. Heres why you can trust us. Im a teacher and am interested in getting many pens for my third-grade students. These are very similar laptops, but that's not a bad thing. -Thank you for your time. I have an ACER Spin 713 2-W. Id love to use one and am happy [enough] at the price Would you know for sure if its worth trying one from Amazon UK? Only a handful of Chromebooks come with an included digital pen, but that doesnt mean you cant purchase a digital pen.

Google is a major supporter of USI and is requiring that pen-enabled Chromebooks come standard with USI support. If you dont have an EMR stylus, dont worrytheres another option for you! The rubber tip provides a SMOOTH GLIDE on your Lenovo Chromebook C340 (15 inch) touchscreen for better sensitivity. Will give one of your suggestions a try. The Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 has 64GB models actually available for purchase it's been half a year and I've yet to see a C214 with 64GB storage or 8GB RAM and there's two colors for that pretty Aluminum lid, but the C340-11 is so popular that retailers are having trouble keeping it in stock, especially those 64GB models. 11.6" HD (1366x768) Display; 802.11ac Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, Integrated Webcam, AMD A6-9220C 1.80GHz Processor (upto 2.7 GHz, 1MB Cache, 2-Cores) ; AMD Radeon Graphics Integrated Graphics, High Speed and Multitasking 4GB OnBoard RAM; 45W Power Supply, 3-Cell 47WHr Battery; Onyx Black Color. NY 10036. It looks just like a pencil and can be. It still comes with the popular KEYCHAIN option to fit easily onto your existing key ring! At BoxWave, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and consistently seek to improve our products and service. Your email address will not be published. To see something up close, you can use your stylus to make part of your screen bigger. I **think** that a USI pen will work with the Asus c433. If it was built after 2020, it should work with USI as well. Lenovo knocked it out of the park with the C340-11, giving us a nice look to an affordable Chromebook that would fit in at a busy office, crowded classroom or home on the couch. Tip:Some Chromebooks are also compatible with Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) styluses. HP doesnt use EMR screens, so those pens wont work. These are generic; you can grab them from Amazon for $15-20. Im not sure if this device is USI compatible. You will need an active stylus. Can I use USI pen on all chromebook? Any idea if a dell 3100 2-in-one will support USI or EMR pens? Unfortunately, finding the right digital pen for your Chromebook has not been an easy task. Could you recommend me some models or even send me a link? Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). The C214 shares much of the same hardware and capability as the Lenovo C340-11, but instead of being gussied up for the mass market, ASUS prepped the C214 for the war zone that is academia. Worth the money if you're accident prone.This educational Chromebook might not be quite as cute, but if you tend to spill drinks near your laptop or accidentally yank cables the wrong way, it's exactly what you need. While USI has been under development for several years, USI pens have only recently become available for purchase. [SMOOTH GLIDE] The Bullet Capacitive Stylus still maintains the praised usability that made BoxWave the industry leader for touchscreen styli. Optional: To find & download more apps that work with your stylus, click Find more stylus apps. Do you know if a AES pen will work with an EMR laptop. Thanks! Carry your Stylus EVERWHERE! Whether you want a pink Chromebook or just want a light-duty laptop that can go all day, this is for you.

Change how and when the stylus options pop up: To see the stylus tools when you take your stylus out of your Chromebook, turn on. featuring Peter Meuller, chair of the USI committee. p350 t350 stylus mignova To test the accuracy of a digital pen I slowly draw a straight line to look for jitter jagged imperfections in the line. Let me help you determine which pen your Chromebook can use. The rubberized edges and reinforced ports can nice, but the real standout here is a spill-resistant keyboard that should be relatively easy to dry out should a cup of water spill while frantically pounding out that book report last minute. USI pens have a lot of potential. ClearTouch products cannot be returned if the plastic backing sheets have been removed or re-attached at any time, Software purchases are not returnable or refundable. I have a different computer with a styles and i want to connect it to this computer but idk how to connect it is there a way or do i have to get a new styles for my computer or can i use the one i have? Android Central is supported by its audience. 11.6" HD (1366x768) IPS 250nits Glossy, touch Display; Intel UHD Graphics 600; 360 flip-and-fold convertible design, 4GB LPDDR4-2400 SDRAM; 32GB eMMC 5.1; 720p HD Camera with Mono microphone Ideal for Home, Student, Professionals, Small Business, School Education, and Commercial Enterprise, Online Class, Google Classroom, Remote Learning, Zoom Ready. Right. Find your next laptop easily. What pen will work for these? My kids have acer chrome book spin 11. By These tend to be higher priced devices. There was a problem. It will have you rethinking using your finger as your touchscreen tool of choice. It looks just like a pencil and can be purchased for around $25. Prior to returning the item(s), an RMA must be obtained from I wish I had a simple answer for you, unfortunately the digital pen market is a bit confusing. Annoying that they make it so confusing. Buy it from Amazon for easy return if it doesnt work! Any idea when you will be able to use a stylus on Google Docs? EMR and USI pens will NOT work with this Chromebook. What stylus should you get for your EMR Chromebook? You will receive a verification email shortly. Learn how to download other note-taking apps that work with your stylus, Learn to take notes with the Cursive app and your stylus, Learn how to download other drawing apps that work with your stylus. Want to learn more about USI? They are also the cheapest digital stylus because they dont require sophisticated electronics or batteries. Eventually, I think you will be able to purchase USI pens for a few dollars. Problem is $$ Is there an inexpensive solution? In the "Note-taking app" drop-down, choose an app. Due to the faith we have in all of our products, we offer the following customer satisfaction guarantee: BoxWave's award-winning family of stylus products welcomes the, Lenovo Chromebook C340 (15 inch) Accessories, Lenovo Chromebook C340 (15") accessories, See all Lenovo Chromebook C340 (15") stylus. So what exactly should I search for? If youre showing off your artwork or giving a presentation, you can use your stylus as a laser pointer. Chrome OS; Platinum Grey. [SIZE MATTERS] At a length of only 2 inches (5cm), the Bullet Capacitive Stylus is ultra PORTABLE! USI is a platform on which companies can develop inexpensive pens for classroom use or highly accurate pens used for digital art and animation. The downside to the EMR technology higher device cost. To change which app you use to take notes: Learn how to download other drawing apps that work with your stylus. dteck t515 t510 You shouldnt need to connect your stylus to your computer. There is a LOT of confusion about touch-screen Chromebooks. Standardization will also drive down the cost of the pens making them much more affordable. Thanks for this info. Android Central is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. If it is compatible, it will just work. An active stylus will work with most touchscreen Chromebooks, but the results vary widely because there is no agreed upon standard for these pens. Compare specifications with the comparison tool. Honestly, even if you don't intend to need that much storage, just get the 64GB model so you have room for 6 years of downloads and apps, since both of these models will be getting Chrome OS updates until June 2026. If you see her without headphones, RUN. i.e. Bundled with 3 In 1 Design Stylus (Stylus Pen + Ballpoint Pen + USB 3.0 32GB Flash Drive). Sometimes, capacitive styluses dont work well. We check over 250 million products every day for the best prices, (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central), (Image credit: Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central), Upcoming Netflix ad-supported tier to feature less content, Samsung boasts foldable sales ahead of Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4 launch, Best OnePlus 9 Pro screen protectors 2022, Major Nothing phone (1) update includes July 2022 patch, Tesla control feature, and more. As more pens become available, the price will go down as well. This allows your pen to communicate pressure, angle, and user preferences, providing a custom user experience. We have the same Celeron N4000 processor, paired with 4 GB of RAM, connected to two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a microSD slot and a headphone/microphone audio jack. Carry the stylus at the usual 2 inch position for portability, and extend it to 3 inches to write, tap, or draw with higher precision! Finding a USI pen has not been easy, but I was able to order this pen from the Lenovo. Others were decent (this one was okay)not as accurate as an Apple Pencil, but workable. I know because I have purchased and tested a half-dozen digital pens with my Chromebook. You will love them! Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs. In fact, all but one of the Chromebooks launched in 2020 include USI pen support, a trend I expect will continue. Any "Final Sale" products noted as "No exchanges or returns on this item" are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable. Over the next 6-12 months I expect to see a number of new USI pens hit the market at various price points. Is the new 2021 acer spin 713-3w-5102 usi compatible? Teaching during the COVID pandemic made this abundantly clear to mesome things are just easier to do with a pen. So your choice here is going to depend more on smaller features and details to help tip you one way or the other. USI will make it easy for Chromebook manufacturers to include pen support and make it easy for pen manufacturers to ensure that their writing tools work effectively on a wide range of devices. USI is a win for schools who will no longer need to worry about device compatibility. A passive stylus works just like your finger. Chromebooks are built upon one of several base hardware configurations called platforms, but just because two Chromebooks share the same core configuration doesn't mean they're the same laptop. Your email address will not be published. Because there is no standard for how laptops and digital pens talk to one another, performance can vary widely. There's not a better laptop to be found under $300. Have tried many other pens and cant get any to work.

)not as accurate as an Apple Pencil, but workable. Before you go out an order an EMR pen, you must make sure that your chromebook has an EMR digitizer (a special type of touchscreen). In the window that appears, use your stylus to take notes. The best you can get is a sharp-tipped capacitive stylus (e.g. You wont find a $200 Chromebook with an EMR digitizer. While the Lenovo stylus was a bit on the pricey side ($39), it vastly outperforms all of the other pens that I have tested. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. Some of the pens I bought were hot garbageI couldnt even draw a straight line. Its not always easy to find out. If all of these details are starting to overwhelm and confuse you, you arent alone! This is the same Chromebook that my kids use. The Pixelbook pen and Apple Pencil are both examples of active styluses. Listen to this podcast episode featuring Peter Meuller, chair of the USI committee. I purchased a handful of active pens and got wildly different results. Let me fill you in on what you need to know and help you get a digital stylus that will work with your Chromebook. Please refresh the page and try again. Central Processing Unit is the heart of a laptop and is responsible for executing programs. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. My new USI pen works on my Lenovo Duet and the HP x360. Help me find accessories for another device! BoxWave Customer Service. For displaying graphics C340 11 has a bit better graphics card. A touchscreen Chromebook is even better when you add in a digital pen. Upgraded Seal is opened for Hardware/Software upgrade only to enhance performance. It was made right around the time that USI support became required. Hi i have an chromebook x360 12b-ca0001nf and i was wondering which stylus should I buy!!!

I really hope Google adds touch support for all of the Google Drive products. My favorite day-to-day Chromebook.It might be harder to find some configurations and colors of this Chromebook, but it's popular for a reason: it looks nice and can work all day without weighing down your gear bag. Get the best of Android Central in in your inbox, every day! My chromebook is the hp x360 11 g3 ee but it doesnt work with the EMR pen even though it is on the list? like the other comment says, youre experience wont be very good. within 30 days of the delivery date. EMR is a very sophisticated touchscreen protocol developed by Wacom, the company that makes various digital pens, drawing pads, and touch screens.

If not, can I use USI pen on ASUS C433? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Products may be returned for either a replacement or refund Seems crazy that they dont already have it! Im not surprised to hear that Acer support is confused. A good pen will have little or no jitter. Adonit makes those), which is nothing more than a pointer for the standard touch screen despite the tip. The largest independent, community-run forum for discussions related to Chromebooks and everything else ChromeOS. Just hook the included keychain attachment to your key-ring and off you go! 32GB eMMC SSD; 2 USB 3.1 Gen1, 2x USB 3.1 Type-C Gen1, Micro SD Reader, Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack., Chrome OS, Includes Dockztorm USB HUb(Special Edition Portable Docztorm Data Hub;Super Speedy Data Syn Rate upto 5Gbps). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. An active stylus will definitely work. Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. Ultimately, USI will provide simple and affordable pen support for touch screen Chromebooks which will allow students and teachers to draw, diagram and jot down notes with ease. Im pretty sure that the Acer Spin will support a USI stylus. I am using with Jamboard and Kami, but it would be much more helpful on Docsespecially for grading. Normally, I'd be trying to tell you the differences between what's under the hood for these Chromebook, but there's significantly less of that to do here because have the same underlying hardware. Cheers. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Sowash Ventures, LLC | Contact | Privacy Policy, You can get them for free (just visit your favorite vendor at an edtech conference), or find them on Amazon for, I recommend the Noris Digital Stylus. Memory increases the general speed of a laptop. Check to see if your device is on this list of supported EMR Chromebooks. The Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 is our favorite overall Chromebook for a reason; it's the more affordable, more personable laptop that can still let you get your job done without sacrificing much. I couldnt find a spec page that specifically lists it, but all touchscreen Chromebooks shipped in 2020/21 forward should include USI support standard. The stylus will pop out. Capacitive pens are cheap, but they cant measure pressure or sensitivity and dont offer special settings for brush strokes, saved colors, etc. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. I do not believe this model is compatible with USI pens. Right now there are only a few USI pens on the market. Find out if your device is compatible. Best I can tell from your page Im out of luck with EMR and they dont have an active stylus. Which Stylus would you recommend for note taking on a Chromebook? Any idea whether a USI pen would work with this mode and if so any recommendations on one? Youve probably used a capacitive stylus beforetheyre the ones with the big rubber tip at the end. This RMA number must be present on the outside of the returned package. There are three types of digital pens. Buy a USI pen from Amazon and see if it works! [NEW UPGRADED MODEL] The best just got better!

The C340-11 isn't frail by any stretch of the imagination, and both models will get scratches on the bottom within a week both of mine did, and all I did was take them out of the house but in order to be certified as a Chromebook for Education, ASUS did have to go through the paces making the sure the ports, hinges, screen, and keyboard would stand up to a classroom full of chaos and uncapped drinks. website. For this year, unfortunately, I dont think you are going to find a pen for less than $30. Using your stylus, touch and hold somewhere on the screen, then drag. for our 30-day money back return policy.

Bullet Capacitive Chromebook C340 (15") Stylus, Innovative Accessories for More than 3,600 Devices. A touch screen with a Chromebook pen makes it much easier to draw, diagram, show steps, and quickly jot down notes. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a slightly bigger battery, along with a slightly heavier weight. chromebook 12b chromebooks