It is well known that physical activity, in general, brings a lot of benefits.

This is why we teach kids safety rules very early in our classes to make all kids feel they are safe with us. This two class intro series is typically offered the last 2 weekends of the month for $40. We have multiple classes for students interested in learning aerial silks.

For instance, our gym is open for events like open gym, aerial sleepover, no school camps, and girls night out for everyone to have a good time at Hi-NRG. Memory, motor planning, and awareness are emphasized as well due to the complex poses aerialists need to do.

Having control of strength will give them a sense of safety while theyre practicing new movements up high on silks.

Being strong in both body and mind gives them the confidence to face problems and accomplish their goals throughout life.

Auto-draft options are available. The Benefits of Aerial Loft: Deepens stretches Relieves joint pressure Releases tension Increases balance and proprioception Enhances core strength Improves breath awareness Easier access to inverted postures Releases endorphins. Our gym is also available for special events like birthday parties, summer camp, parents night out, winter break camps, and spring break camps. Whenever children practice activities like aerial silks they are able to be more aware of their entire body, its capacity, as well as their limitations. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. Aerial and Acro is an ever-growing art form thanks to the popularity of companies such as Cirque du Soleil as well as the rapidly growing community of aerialists on social media.

This contributes significantly to overall health. Lee is an aerialist from Connecticut. Class Attire:Girls should wear a leotard and tights (roll the tights to the knees)Boys unitard or tights rolled to the kneesStudents will be barefoot for this class. Aerialists entering this level must already have an extremely strong knowledge of drops, wraps, core sequences, and the ability to explain their skills verbally. In addition, athletes will be introduced to climbing, foot locks, and striving to link multiple poses/skills together in air.

Since not everyone starts at the same skill level, we offer a variety of classes for our aerial silks program. If you child misses the warm up, we may ask your child to sit out. We also have other classes available like, Why Choose Hi-NRG Gymnastics for Your Child Aerial Silk Lessons, Aerial silks are an excellent whole-body training for children, where they can grow and, Commitment is fundamental for us as a company, so all our staff is composed of people who. Ages 7 - 10 and older participants with no prior experience, Ages 11 - 18 and younger participants with previous experience.

We will leave time for relaxation at the end of class where we snuggle into our cocoons! She just recently moved to Rhode Island to pursue her legal education at Roger Williams University School of Law. We will create your kid or teen's account during their first class. The Aerial Arts & Acro program provides a safe and fun learning environment for every child that walks through the door! In order to achieve fun aerial positions, the body relies on specific strength training that is focused on achieving balance. Halotherapy Salt Room NOW OPEN! (Step by step & by name) They will also be asked to participate in a rigorous physical test to insure proper preparedness and safety.

He has been performing professionally in the industry for over four years and has been coaching across various disciplines for the past eight years. Please be sure your child arrives promptly. That is why we, How Aerial Dance Provide Confidence to Your Children, Why Choose Hi-NRG Gymnastix for Your Child Aerial. We train children on how to be focused while performing, and why its so important.

Creating a friendly environment plays an important role for us because we believe that the more comfortable our students feel, the easier they will succeed in this sport. Skills are presented in a workshop type format where children will have time to work with assistance and independently. Good posture is beneficial for the circulatory system. We also have other classes available like adaptive gymnastics, preschool, and private lesson academies (PLA). Parents are welcome to stay and observe their children during the kids classes, but we ask that you observe and not offer feedback or try to converse with your student as this is disruptive to the class. Developing a skill like aerial silks is a confidence booster, especially in children. She also has her 200 hr yoga teacher training certification and has incorporated holistic breathwork and yoga poses into her craft as an aerialist. Depending on their development they will perform in festivals when we are invited, so they will have the chance to perform and show what they have learned in our classes. The proper attire for Youth Auditions: Intro to Silks is leggings past the knees and a tight fitting workout top or leotard. Aerial silks classes go far beyond just physical requirements such as strength and flexibility. It is difficult for students to feel what muscles initiate the correct alignment in dance training, however, as the fit ball is continually mobile under the student's body, it gives thestudents a sense of posture and weight-placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group. Starting with aerial silks she quickly took up training in aerial arts, which led to her coaching, choreographing, and performing all over Connecticut. In all of our aerial silks classes, the instructor guides the student into developing different poses related to floor gymnastics all while being suspended in the air by fabric. We have the perfect solution, a Go Aerial Fitness gift card. As students become more aware of what they can achieve among their peers, they are able to apply what theyve learned in the gym, outside the gym. and figures in the heights. The theme of the production and the entire camp week this year was DREAMS. We have the latest-trending equipment for our students so they can have the best experience.

Fusion Ball Our studio uses Mind-Body Online. Height: 4'8" to 5'3" Recommended Ball Size: 55 cm Height: 5'4" to 5'10 Recommended Ball Size: 65 cm Height: 5'10" to 6'4" Recommended Ball Size: 75 cm Height: For children who are 5 years and younger, always use a 45 cm **The measurement of the ball is a diameter (measuring from one side of the ball to the other). She is so excited to continue teaching at New England Dance Academy. Space in this program is limited. Siblings should be kept out of the aerial/yoga area during class. In the intermediate aerial silks program, students will use their previous aerial experience to comfortably demonstrate the skills introduced in the beginning class: climbing and foot locking (in the air). Bobby believes that children best succeed in a safe and fun environment that is geared towards building students' confidence through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Last but not least, the advanced aerial silks program is directed at those students who have an extremely strong knowledge of drops, wraps, core sequences, and the ability to explain their skills verbally. When you book your kid or teen for her/his first class through our Mind-Body App, please sign up under the parent's name. When you sit on the ball, knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your thighs should be parallel or even with the floor. Followed by gaining confidence, teamwork and listening skills. Since concentration is necessary to keep athletes safe, we teach it from very early on. Plus, there are other classes we have for children like tumbling, trampoline classes, and gymnastics for both boys and girls. We will move through a series of introductory movements that involve training the basic techniques, climbs, lifts, and poses on the silk as well as safety tips and proper alignment. As they develop high upper body strength, we start to see more composure and confidence. By conditioning the body, and using hyper-focused joint rotation, students learn quickly that small movements make a big impact. Keep in mind that photography and video may be restricted to provide privacy to other families attending classes. The students in this program are Sora Aerial Arts' Junior Company. Please be considerate of others as you are observing class. Just want to have fun? Aerial silks is a unique discipline that requires children to be focused as they develop specific types of strength and flexibility. She is trained to teach on several aerial apparatus' including Hammock, Silks, Lyra, and Chains. Chesterfield, MO 63005. We are also committed to learning each of our students names. Its worth saying that aerial silks classes are a complete and whole-body exercise for children. Yoga Mat, An Exercise Ball is also known as a 'Swiss Ball' or 'Fit Ball.' 4-8 hours per week of skill-specific training per week, FREE Open training times to fine-tune and practice skills learned in class, 4 FREE cross-training sessions per month on the Sora Aerial Arts schedule. When theyre focused they will feel safer when they are up high and it will decrease the risk of injury. Some children exhibit a mild temperament because theyve been able to practice mind-body techniques that result in less reactive and more mindful thoughts and speech. They will also be asked to participate in a rigorous physical test to ensure proper preparedness and safety. As athletes progress, they also achieve a sense of satisfaction and. Additionally, children who learn aerial silks find that they increase strength and perfect muscle tone. are passionate about aerial silks as they look after your child and their development. All rights reserved. Being an aerial performer takes discipline, LOTS of hard work, creativity, and commitment! Copyright 2020 hinrggymnastix | Designed by The Digital Navigator. Youth ages 8-17 can enjoy 50 minute aerial arts lessons in order to learn the leveled skills in aerial acrobatics. Our Chesterfield location offers aerial silks classes for children and teenagers, we offer a wide gym and the best equipment in the area. Bobby Gomez is a professional circus artist and coach who is so excited to be working with Kids First to create Cincinnati's premiere Aerial and Acrobatics program! We help our students understand the concept of three-dimensional movement. Find your height and see which ball size you should try first: Hoop classes at NEDA focus on building strength and confidence, developing body awareness, and learning to move and think creatively while maintaining an emphasis on proper technique and injury prevention. Like any other acrobatic discipline, flexibility is essential for our students when they practice aerial silks.

Please print and fill out prior to first class. In our gym, we have classes for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced programs for children. Students may take one series or more per session, but must the same day/time each week for the session. Size: Between 20-23 cm in diameter, or closest to 54 cm (22") in circumference (the measurement around the ball). Classes begin with a 15-20minute warm up. Youth Auditions: Intro to Silks is a two lesson series for any child over 8 years old wanting to try out aerial silks for the first time. One of the reasons we love this program is because it requires such discipline and focus. Each exercise has been developed with care and guidance with a team of physiotherapists. Exercise Ball Athletes in the entry-level class will be introduced to climbing, foot locks, and striving to link multiple poses/skills together in the air. Safety is number one at Hi-NRG. Required Equipment for Class:

Composure and precision are cultivated in the intermediate class, both of which prepares participants for exciting skills that require a strong mind-body connection. The mastery of these will prepare our athletes for further exciting skills that require a strong mind-body connection. As well, students gain emotional and social skills to feel good about movement and who they are.

We emphasize fine-tuning the childs higher level of cognitive skills and those are also useful to self-regulate behavior. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. Unlike other sports that are solely based on the amount of physical effort, aerial silks are definitely more inclusive.

Our small classes allow students of all levels to learn at their own pace, with movements tailored to each students skill, fitness, and flexibility level. We recommend downloading the app if you don't have it. Click to register. There's much to see here. Speak to your child's Youth Rec teacher if your child is interested in enrolling in Intensive. For children to perform at aerial silks there are some skills they must acquire when they start practicing this discipline. As they become familiar with each skill they will build core and upper body strength, and these are all foundations to mastering more complex skills. 140 Long Road, Suite 121 Chesterfield, MO 63005. ***Kid & Teen Classes are offered as a monthly membership. Subscribe to stay connected! Aerial silks utilize a combination of stretching style exercises closely related to yoga-based core moves. Kids and teens ages 8-17 are eligible to register for summer camp at Sora Aerial Arts. Aerial combines athleticism, strength, flexibility, and artistry and gives both children and adults an unmatchable confidence! Generally, the lower body grows in stability and this corrects their posture.

Each class starts with a warm-up emphasizing strength, flexibility and alignment, and will continue by introducing elements of progressive choreography with the hammock. Aerial Circus Arts! This is the kind of sport that is directed to everyone who has the commitment and discipline to learn more about how their body moves in space. Aerial Loft is appropriate for students looking to increase strength by working in and out of the fabric, for dancers looking to incorporate new skills into their repertoire, and for seasoned aerialists wishing to add more grace into their craft. Fun has to be number 1! 9930 Highway N. Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367. It's the easiest way to book and pay for classes and workshops. Lee will be teaching Aerial Arts At NEDA stating this fall.

Its important that all of our coaches get acquainted with their students and get to know the personalities of each one of them. To register please email The ability to be flexible complements the strength as they learn new movements. We find that kids who learn aerial skills are also motivated to achieve more complex moves and figures. We have the latest-trending equipment for our students so they can have the best experience. Registering for Youth Aerial Rec lessons is the next step once your child has completed Youth Auditions: Intro to Silks and has been approved by the instructor to move on. Together with confidence, our coaches are focused on building self-esteem. *attendance policy is sign up and show up, no make-ups. She has teaching experience training students of all ages and backgrounds from 7 to 77. This program is directed to both boys and girls from about six to seven years of age and for those children who have graduated from their preschool and kindergarten programs. Aerial silks are an excellent whole-body training for children, where they can grow and develop as integral athletes in the acrobatic disciplines. Just like any other type of core work, as students master this skill they find improvement in posture, flexibility in joints, and an increase in concentration and psychomotor skills. And since there is constant movement in aerial silks, it helps the brain oxygenate as a cardiovascular workout. This is our newest location and we are very proud to open our doors for children and teenagers to start at aerial silks. OUR YOUTH AERIAL ARTS CLASSES RUN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE FAYETTE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL BREAK SCHEDULE. Entry into the Advanced Class is by invite only and involves a 1:1 lesson for skill review. Formerly Bella Forza Fitness - Lexington. Additionally, we consider that the sooner the kids start at aerial silks the faster they will learn and accomplish goals. Purchase Youth Intro to Silks I & II here. We find students get excited as they become open to a new mind-body experience. The tension provided by the fabric makes using aerial silks very accessible for people of all ability levels. Its worth saying that aerial silks classes are a complete and whole-body exercise for children. This helps everyone to feel confident and stays encouraged as they work toward goals that are more tailored to their ability. HI-NRG has two locations where you can enroll your children in aerial, 140 Long Road, Suite 121. With regard to aerial silks, we offer different top-quality silks and rings for our students to start their training. Commitment is fundamental for us as a company, so all our staff is composed of people who are passionate about aerial silks as they look after your child and their development. Learn how to climb, wrap, flip and twist in a unique and fun environment that you won't find anywhere else! WELCOME LEE! This program will build core and upper body strength as well as a strong foundation for more complex skills. In Aerial Dance students learn to use aerial fabric to create elegant shapes and beautiful inversions from yoga-inspired poses. Each location has specialized instruments and accessories for each one of the disciplines we teach there. In our aerial silks classes, we emphasize stretching the muscles of the belly as this helps spinal decompression. Strength and flexibility are the main and most important skills our students must develop. Confidence Building Gym in Missouri | Hi-NRG Gymastix, Serving Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield, Eureka and OFallon in Missouri. Our beginner classes focus on teaching primary body shapes and various aerial terminology. Empowerment has another benefit as children progress and that is theyre not only training their body but also their mind. Receive studio updates, upcoming workshops and events and schedule changes. This strengthening of your bodys core not only helps with avoiding injuries like hernias, it also helps to release stress on joints and muscles. However, we have seen real evidence that, This is our newest location and we are very proud to open our doors for children and teenagers to start at aerial silks. Want to learn to fly? For children to perform at aerial silks there are some skills they must acquire when they start practicing this discipline. This is an essential safety component for aerial silks. At Hi-NRG our coaches are qualified in all areas related to aerial silks and their levels of instruction; they have a wide experience working with kids of all ages and elite teams which will give you peace of mind that your children will be in good hands. Group sessions and private sessions available! Children love the sport as it challenges them in a different way. This sense of accomplishment will help them feel empowered, strong, and confident. Concentration also provides a body-mind relationship and allows the whole body to work in synchrony with what they think and what they do, showing more fluent movements. Height: Under 4'8" Recommended Ball Size: 45 cm The programming in Youth Intensive is designed to help each student make progress in all aspects of being an aerialist and performance artist including strength, flexibility, endurance, stage presence, artistry, and multiple apparatus. Our instructors will teach young artists and athletes how to safely perform athletic feats in the air as well as fostering an atmosphere that encourages growth both inside and outside of the gym. Also, most of our coaches are full-timers so it means they understand our vision and what we want to reach with the childrens training. Above all else, Aerial and Acrobatics are fun and that is how they should be taught. This program is designed for students who take their aerial and performance art training seriously. Not that everyone will be experts at it in the beginning, but we love watching kids as they discover a new ability. This will give them a whole new perspective of themselves as human beings. Youth ages 8-17 are eligible only with instructor approval for the Youth Intensive program at Sora. Students will learn the fundamentals of yoga, such as breathing techniques, mindfulness strategies, really fun aerial poses to wake up different areas of the body, and some super fun flips and tricks.