Any life reservation prevents you from hitting full life. Does Coward's Chains cause agnostic and life leach to not work properly then? I also need dex and res so I'm not complaining about the rest of the item. Isn't low life supposed to be a bit of a risky build type that sacrifices defence for offense? Lab would also be a nightmare. My man, you can just use a skill to drop below full health, no need to calculate your life flasks. Yes. PoE is a pretty fast paced game, and i think you're very optimistic about how optimally people will use their life flasks, specially when it comes to using flasks in a way that just barely keeps you below full life to maintain Overleech. Cowards chain for being on full life 24/7which fails the entire point of agnostic lol. The end goal will be paradoxica, probably either cyclone or flicker strike. After watching Lightee, Nugi and others dissecting it all, and doing some costum stuff in PoB, I'm not going to mess around with these overly complicated new skills. If lifetap ignored reservations, but still functioned as a blood magic replacement, this fundamental game mechanic would be upended. If it didn't kill you instantly before it should not kill you when running at low life when using this skill. At least I had hoped for some underused skills or interactions to be buffed, to give a little shift in the meta. The double DoT isn't an issue, with the POBs people have come up with they are leeching at least 3k which will overpower most DoTs in the game, and with some investment into chaos res and ailment immunity which entirely achieveble even with the crafting bench nerfs, the dots wont matter. i dont think the intention was to offer a great defensive mechanic while simultaniously offering more offensive options. Where do you see it falling apart? I believe blood magic is changing to arrogance support. I think you only lose ehp on one shots, but on anything that doesn't one shot, I'm pretty sure you gain ehp on any hit you survive as long as you have the regen to cover it due to the damage deleting part of the 40%. it technically would double your life leech cap to 40% per second to your relative life pool if you're always on lowlife, which is nuts. This is the most sensationally disappointed I've been between seeing a skill in the league reveal and getting the info. Almost 1/4 of 40% of hit dmg taken is just dropped. If they do you got a panicking flask. So what's the upside here? cant leech shit anymore, cant leech physical damage with spells that I can even remember offhand, can only leech energy shield, this discussion imo is primarily about combining them with the new spells, no shit you can just leech with attacks thats fucking easy to solve, trying to mitigate the cost of the spell/living without spell leech is just great, you basically need regen/recovery so you get to choose Inquisitor or Agnostic. Level, Supported Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana. to your account. But if you want the damage boost, why not just Hybrid your defenses with MoM or CS/ES? Agnostic and the Overleech can't work together unfortunately. I have been toying with the idea of using it defensively on a pathfinder with a supercharged life flask for life recovery. A practical example: say you took a hit that narrowly misses one shotting you. and using blodthirst gives you a gem which give more than 70% more dmg, almost 200 flat physical dmg You're right that people are overlooking the overleech. If it increases to 50%, it almost becomes a no-brainer for most life builds to take, assuming they can out regen the dots. Pretty sure Mark said that PB effects the lower 50% of your HP whether you are lowlife or not.. Ok kids this is called the placebo effect and did i fucking fall for it. Worst of all, you don't always get to choose what you want, it's more unpredictable than you're giving it credit for. 40% of lifeloss is deferred, so with 50% MoM you would get 30% to life, 30% to mana, then take that other 40% split 20/20 again. Agnostic cares about being on Full Life, which means 100% of max. Yeah that was worded poorly on my part tbf, though i do clarify the actual eHP loss is closer to 20%, and i use the 20% estimate for the rest of the post.

My 2 cents is that it's insane for mapping and shit for bossing. It's very situational. It shouldve scaled the % of the damage that gets converted to DoT with level instead. The new Arrogance support gem (Updated Blood Magic gem for Auras) has a mana multiplier of 201%, meaning you can only use a 25% aura with your life reserves. Doesn't it say "then 76% of loss prevented this way is taken as damage over 4 seconds"? If you hit full life then you stop leeching, requiring you to hit again after you lose life. My main point is that you don't just take a straight loss of ehp by using petrified blood, if you use life flasks to stay above half you gain a massive increase in your ehp on a level that's nearly unprecedented for the cost of just one gem slot and 35% reservation. You actually don't have any restrictions about regening and leeching ES even with Petrified Blood so it's just life that is an issue. Again. Then you look for options to mitigate the downsides of low-life, which petrified blood does amazingly. Honestly not too bad. I thought the whole point was to help life builds and you gave them a skill that makes them MORE susceptible to the biggest problem they already have. Though I think it would be funny to go for the +100% and the dot healing you for 10% of the hit damage. f3O7t~gg?M:fgeZq|oQ stSWDyC?:)77n~wr:ew G5ts&,/?5[!m?u}>$Q you appear to have missed the point of lifetapit IS the replacement for blood magic BUT for usable skills, not reservation. Either the stalled portion has to go 50-60% of the dmg to low life, or it should be just mana reservation and all other downsides should go away and leave it as pure defensive skill to lower chances of oneshots Panicking life flasks should get a honorable mention as well I think. I think the wording on these is the one that should be changed to diferenciate how they refer to the maxiumum achievable value considering reservation perhaps "maximum" life or "full unreserved" life. Bloodthirst gives roughly 120 added damage and 20% more so another support would give 25% more damage so to make this support worth it that 120 damage has to worth 25% more damage that means this support is only good if your weapon has 480 base damage, which is prwtty good for one handers, but terrible for two handers. Note that mana is reserved and not life on the left-hand side of the screen. That in turn is the strongest protection against DoTs. You might not even notice you took a big hit. You would aim to get 4k ES minimum and maybe 3-4k life minimum, a goal that actually requires little investment for Shadows. any plans on changing the wording for "leech effects are not removed on full life" then given that's not actually true ? You're right about pain attunement though, it's a huge damage boost for casters. Rage Support pushed to its limits at 100 Rage gives 80-140 flat phys, give or take.

or be a corpse on the floor, Now the damage mitigation is far worse than expected, I really cant see any point in doing this. Splitting the gem did not change the function of blood magic, it simply added different buffs to the gem you choose to utilize. It is not like leech, which is removed when unreserved life is filled. I don't see any mention here of the huge increase to effective life leech rate, which I think is one of the strongest aspects. I was testing in game and it felt like the agnostic was still draining 20% of my maximum mana, not unreserved mana. Nobody invest into hp when they gonna reserve 50% of it anyway. Let me explain. However if you don't have a shield equipped it shows as reserving mana even though you can't actually cast the skill, which is the situation I ran into. But at 19:00 when the char with Vitality on, it seems Zero life recovered when above low life. I wanted a something interesting to map with and I just cannot be fucked getting one shot out of the blue because of shit mechanics. I just wanna try PB. from Ichimonji? It's practically unusable for pure life builds tbh. Right click to remove from a socket. The only benefit of being LL for me is triggering adrenaline, though. nobody dies to small damage anymore, you get 1 shot or you live. That's not too hard. It's not an aura. Before then, just gonna use a terminus est. Your eHP doesn't matter if the DoT can't overcome your regeneration. [Mark_GGG - link, old] - > I believe Mark specified that if you only reserve 49% of your life while using Agnostic, Agnostic will keep draining mana (since you aren't at full life yet), but As this incorrect bit gets repeated alot: being at 50% or less counts as the "low" status, not just under 50%. Do you actually get it permamently though? I don't want to spend the next 3 months running around with the game looking like I'm viewing it through a paper towel tube. You take 81% of your max HP, reduced to 49% by PB. I'd wager no for most builds. It generates a DoT dealing 6.08% of your max HP per second. Yeah, but remember that the leech caps at a % of your max health. Of note: the arrogance multiplier is higher than the lifetap multiplier which might cause mana-tight aura builds to use lifetap over arrogance. The real problem is, most of us hate getting one shot. This is a 10% net loss. Add both Arrogance and Tempest Shield to the socket group. Which has the best defensive layers in the game. You are bold to assume that people will stay at low life when using this skill, I can easily see HC players sitting at half life + bubbling/seething life flask total health, and just banking the extra ~33% total ehp for easy tanking of high hits. This gem lowers your HP against one shots if you use it with low life. I think you might be underestimating how easy it is to use a skill to drop below full life so that you can get overleech again. That, with the added downside of mana reserve, means it won't usually be worthwhile for attack builds. At least that's what the wording suggests.

Would be nice, planning on using The Agnostic anyways. Arrogance Support is a base Support Skill Gems item. You have 4k total life pool so it's harder to stun you compared to if you are CI, also you still have ES so you have 50% free stun avoidance still, There are a few sources of large chaos damage dealing HITS in the game such as corpse explosions which will have to hit through your 4k hp with a 40% damage mitigation when you're under 50% hp. I mean considering PB makes skills cost life as well, you would get off full life and startoverleeching right after you reach full life anyway. It won't make sense on every character but it does on mine. Nice control even with the guy above being a dick*. Why can't we have "fun stuff" to play with, instead of spending our days on Excel, Wiki and PoB? Might be nice for an attack build with dual Ichimonjis + Bloodthirst support. well with PB u are dead by then. Otherwise i think most if these dots are to be neglected through overleech/regen .. Its not like you get 100 to 0 in maps through that within 2 seconds especially on a char with natural regen. You don't take that damage. combine this with all the spell damage you need through pain attunement and reap scaling. I think using the March of the Legion Boots to bypass the aura limit would be ok, especially since you no longer need to have the mana to reserve an aura (unless this was nerfed for the boots and I missed it in patch notes). a lot of the ssfhc racers are planning to try this. You'd need ignite immunity, poison immunity, bleed immunity. It's certainly true that it's more disappointing than people were expecting it to be (since we expected it to scale in a more meaningful way at gem lvl20), but it's still not that bad. But if the split damage is affected, could be worth looking into. Life-based LL builds are better not to invest into any mana reservation since they can't fully reserve two bars. Agnostic will continuously drain mana, trying to get you to full life which you cannot reach. Or does it not consider you on full life for everything. Note that petrified blood will do absolutely nothing until you hit 0 ES. Will still get 1 tapped since I always use abyssus cuz I love abyssus but with more damage from Bloodthirst. It's techncally true, but misleading, because it's also true if you reserve 50%, or 99%. Even on builds like potcg, iron commander, doomfletch, or voidforge. Pretty sure its great for life builds, a lot of the ssfhc racers are planning to try this going scion (life based) with reap/exsang. we using petrified blood to become low life Here's the quick/simple summary of what the skill does: What we learnt from the gem info at lvl20/20 is that out of the 40% hit damage converted into a DoT, you only take back 30% damage as the DoT (At a rate of 7.5% of the hit/sec). While it will make you tankier against hits that don't immediately kill you, those aren't what you're worried about 99% of the time on block characters anyways. It has clear downsides and requires thinking and planing to solve them. With PB enables players to use panicked/cautious flasks instead, which is another benefit people aren't considering, For stack HP and es use forbiten str stack technique, Also Interesting interaction with coward legacy(any life = low life?). I can see PB being used instead of Discipline for various builds including what you're talking about here. But wait, you aren't technically giving up 35% of your mana, because it's opening up the possibility to use 50% of your life for aura reservations instead right? with overleech no - if its active you literally have the case of the overleech actively leeching the health back starting the 'millisecond' the beam hits you.

Sure it's probably viable, but it's far from optimal. So is agnostic on 24/7 with reserved life then? I'd imagine you can't rely on having perm life leech all the time. Also this would allow aura stackers to be able to not go shavs while also reserving life. WAIT WHAAAAAAAT i didnt even read the fact the petrified blood reserved mana i though it was more of an active/unactive skill. lel If you reserve >50%, then yes, no more overleech. Tbh, 20% EHP for slayer leech and PA seems worth it to me. Supports any non-blessing skill with a reservation. Any reserved life prevents you being on full. Pretty sure MoM stops working, assuming agnostic does too? Not to mention free overleech more or less. You are pretty much looking at not being able run less recovery, vulnerability, desecrated ground, always ignites (unless immune ofc), probably a bunch more stuff and combos that a normal build wouldn't be too concerned by. Agnostic will heal you for 20% of your unreserved mana per second, which would be 0. Will you start recharging while losing life from PB? You are underestimating how much damage Bloodthirst carries. In other words you don't need to be lowlife when a single hit is taken to apply PB to part of the hit.

Even 51% honestly of life I am fine with it, but holy shit who reserves 35% of mana with this is just batshit crazy. Thank fuck Champion now also gets permanent Adrenaline on top of his permanent Fortify. Keep in mind that people who go ES LL generally have 20% less ES then CI and those builds are still super popular and they have no where close to the amount of recovery that slayer leech provides. It's prevented. where are you getting 'slayer leech' on a caster? The guy obviously meant the stagger mechanic when he said "buff", and that's exactly what's written on the gem. Also, it applies to any and all hits you do, which means it works incredibly well with fast hitting skills -- like Ball Lightning, which is guaranteed to hit max stacks in every pack you throw one in, or Cyclone, which can get up to 10 aps with little difficulty -- and every stack of Corrupted Blood refreshes all the others. 30% more spell damage or massive flat attack damage + Overleech with double recovery. Prism guardian uses the blood magic keystone, not blood magic (now arrogance) support, so there's no cost multi. I'm going to try running an enduring hybrid flask which theoretically will keep me at 65% life most of the time but make it easy enough to cross the threshold to 50% when taking a decent hit, and will likely solve any mana problems I'd have. It's "really cheap extra ehp" at the cost of half your recovery usually.

Just gonna use this with slayer flicker so I can go low life with Bloodthirst. r/pathofexile The issue I saw wasn't the inability to hit 50% reservation but the wastage involved in it and this is worse. This -- where does it say this on the gem? It's not. Lifetap: 29% more damage up 40% of the time. It might barely save you sometimes, but you're more likely to benefit more from reserving your life with something else buffing your offense or defense. Some people have theory crafted the idea of not being at "permanent low-life", by not reserving their life, and just using Petrified Blood as a situational defensive layer that helps them out in dangerous situations. It flat out shouldn't be something any life builds take unless they want to use other LL mechanics and keeping it at 40 seems to accomplish that. What exactly are you talking about? The downside is your leech and regen averages out to being cut in half, AND leaves you more vulnerable to one shots due to your recovery mechanics capping out at half health. Seems its just easier to use Cowards Legacy and have perma vuln on you all the time instead of this Petrified Blood, you can get generic phys leech on both hunter and elder amulets along with phys delve rings, kind of a pain in the ass to get early on but the life costs seem to be handleable for the new spells so long as you aren't on a 6l with investment into regen. There's not really a defensive benefit on that type of build as far as I can tell (besides overleech, which you're better off using soul tether I feel like). Think about RF for example - the amount of investment required to even get to the point of perma sustain vs the aoe dmg / more spell dmg benefit. So you're actually "gaining" 15% reservation resource? This league is very dissapointing from an SSF perspective; especially HC: A ton of nerfs, next to no buffs, uninteresting new skills, and Champ/Fortify still intact. You can't compare added phys damage to added cold damage (not only this and monsters have vastly more defense against elemental) So taking a 1000 hit with full 1000hp and PB means that you get hit for 500 from top part of hp + 300 from 60% on lower part of hp and then 200 DoT if gem is level 1. I was thinking Paradoxica Cyclone or something. As long as your max health doesn't change, you can definitely find a combination of seething flask and a specific quality level that'll give you as much health above 50% as possible without putting you at full. I don't think you're completely right on the ehp loss. He then comments on the pointlessness of the multiplier, as well as how it can ruin a build if its linked to something you don't want it linked to Last edited by Hell1986 on Aug 17, 2021, 5:45:51 PM. Granted, its only 1% but 1% could be a big difference on aura stackers. So how do you get that juicy overleech and constant adrenaline on the Champion? Ivory Tower wants you to reserve as much life as possible, If you're above 50% for the hit you wont get the defensive benefit for that hit, If you're below then just consider them all the same hit. Now instead of going all the way through the passive tree to Blood Magic when your build may not call for it, there is an easier way through a unique item or a support gem. Playing with Petrified Blood is high risk with not as high reward. personally im going to use it on champ in combo with the new bloodthirst supp to get some juicy dmg, will also basically have adrenaline up 99% of the time by just using a life flask every 20s. I'm planning on using trickster since they get free recovery, prolly start out with ED and maybe swap to the phys dots once I see how poorly or not they are doing. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but you could also use MoM to increase the value of petrified blood: Or would it only defer the life loss portion after taking 50% to mana? But you have to be low-life which See: This entire thread. So 50% would go to life, 50% to mana From the 50% that goes to life, 20% of it will get deferred into the DoT That DoT (5%/sec) would then be split between Life and Mana, for 2.5% each.

Getting full 50-0% from a dot probably fairly unlikely.

I am squishy anyway and rely on dodge and manually dodge mechanics. Overall its just one of the modern GGG skills that just arent super strong in every aspect anymore. Can someone that knows what they are doing reply to this comment if what I'm about to say is even remotely worth doing? You might need faster ES recharge investment since your ES and life leech and regen will be weaker when you're above half hp which is hopefully always but idk fully if it's worth it or even necessary Edit: Wait I was wrong about how this works. You'll usually be close to the ES/Mana nodes you'd need as a caster anyways. At first I thinked petrified blood is a No Pain No Gain technique.Imagine a 20/20 gem prevented 70% of life loss below half life,but take 100% prevented damage over 4 secs. People die during maps tho. Added Cold adds over ~210 average at L20 for comparison. I recommend skipping it though, and just using enduring cry instead in a pinch. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: I'm unable to reproduce this issue and the build code got deleted by pastebin. 5k *.8 = 4k -1350ish = 2.65k damage taken x 2 = 5.3k damage taken, With Pb: 100% increased damage and perma onslaught on a cheap 340 pdps 1 hander. The "DoT" is life loss not damage, MoM wouldn't apply to it. Maw of the Conquest cancels out 20% degen, more with life recovery rate. 35% ??? its a fucking bait skill, if it reserved 35% life instead of mana it would have been actually somewhat useful. Paired with adrenaline, fortify and endurance charges this seems really interesting to build around. I'm just gonna slap PB on my already glass cannon Deadeye Bleed Wander, being more glass cannon doesn't matter to me! My plan Is going basically hybrid with life/ es and using corrupted soul for extra es and splitting the damage 50/50. Auras affect allies. I wonder if Petrified Blood will end up being good on high evasion/dodge builds with something like Kintsugi; a lot of one-shot prevention and the ability to run low-life buffs could be good? Quinn has entered chat Twighlight Strand. Many people confuse dying quickly with dying in one hit. I'm not aware of any buffs in the game that operate under that condition. I'm not misunderstanding anything lol. If you are a slayer and have overleech, then you keep leeching and as soon as you lose life you start regaining it. I don't understand what GGG's intent for this gem is. Bloodthirsty: At 5k life this results in just 100 extra base flat physical damage. Like you said it looks like a bad poison variant ^^. \s&._8.8m)magROhPu[a]8Bfn[z ~N.*RCoOb4J3MYsvCA#Hwwh[yS*PdeU^^Jp8Z and is supreme ego can works with that skill? I think the intention is just to open up Low life builds for more than shavs & spell builds but more archetypes overall. So I guess the question is what behavior y'all want the reservation calculations to show for linked Tempest Shield + Arrogance without a shield equipped. The strength of this is that you get to choose which you want: really cheap extra ehp, or being on low life for extra damage. Which aren't very many.

I think it's gonna be a great skill that will be hampered by a lack of decent support gem options after the standard 2 (Brutality & Swift Affliction). another issue of wastage, what auras are there that actually reserves 25% AND benefits from the inc aura effect? mb mortal conviction for even more life or only blood magic for full mana reserve the math I had was good prior to the release using MoM as a backup, 10k hit dropped to hopefully 5k (now 6k) then 6k damage divided into 4 seconds = 1,500 damage per second - 30% splitting it to doesnt actually work this way of course. Exactly. do clarify the actual eHP loss is closer to 20%, and i use the 20% estimate for the rest of the post. So yeah, don't bother. 2.65k split *0.6 = 1.59 * 2 = 3.18k damage taken, just checked damage order: (when taking damage from gem)